Online Security: Best Way To Disable Facebook Face Recognition

Facebook, the number one online social networking site on the web as at the writing of this post has grown to the stage of taking action on its user’s account without informing them about the move. I don’t know maybe because of its popularity or what make the Mark Zuckerbarg team to think that until they make people’s details a public mess is the best time their product, Facebook will become a more successful business brand on the net.

About few days, Facebook announces its facial recognition tool in addition to the feature of its services and the work of this tool is to allowing other people to tag people even without the knowledge of the one they are tagging and this will make the information of the fellow to be more exposed to the stalkers on the internet.

So, if you are not in support of this and you don’t want your facebook account to get compromised by online hackers while using your facebook account, there is a new tricks to use in avoiding this mess and that’s the major reason why I wrote this post to show you this video that will teach you just that in simple steps.

Watch Below:


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