How to Optimize Blog Post Before Publishing

Optimizing the blogs before publishing is important. Why it is compulsory to optimize your blog posts? There are specific requirements and criteria to generate the website posts. These criteria and requirements should be opted in order to remove the human or writing errors from the posts. However, the people who are crazy to write and publish blog posts online should employ their experience to find the importance of blog post optimization. There are few reasons important to explain the importance of blog post optimization.

  • To maintain the blog title.
  • To maintain the typographical errors.
  • To Increase or limit the ratio of keywords used.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • Optimize the blog metaphors.How to Optimize Blog Post Before Publishing

These five main steps and features are obligatory that should be considered well before blog posting because these maintain the quality of the posts.

Customize the Introductory Portion of the Article:

It is very important to customize the introductory portion of your blog posts. How to write good introductions? The introductions of the posts should contain the relevant materials or contents that explain the importance and significance of the posts. Remember, you are giving an abstract so the inductor part should be rich in quality so the readers will feel happy to read the remaining post. The introduction of the article should be fascinating. You have to attract the readers by giving an awesome start to your blog post.

Find Keywords, Headlines and Meta Tags:

The posts should be keyword optimized so the bloggers should take care of keyword density and selection. Find the keywords appropriate for your posts by searching online. You can use the Google keyword finder to catch the top searched keywords. The headlines should be interesting and attractive. Headline usage should be proper so give the content according to the nature of headline you used in your blog post. Always replace the Meta tags with fascinating messages. The Meta tags should be short but they must have tendency to express the materials and contents given in the posts. All the keywords, Meta tags and headlines you are using should be related to the niche of blog post. For example, if you are writing a blog post about the SEO then use the keywords, tags and headlines favorable for the SEO purposes.

Optimizing the Blog images if Necessary:

If you are willing to add images and pictures in your post then use compatible formats. JPEG is the best image format for the blog posts. Don’t forget to use the keywords and tags with the blog images as well. If necessary then hyperlink the images in order to increase the search options for the readers.

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Link older posts and insert hyperlinks:

It’s a good idea to link older blog posts in the same field. To optimize the blog post it is essential to link new posts with older posts. Always check the suitability if internal links in your posts. The bloggers should consider the summary at the end of blog posts to recall the discussions.

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