How to Optimize Your Email Address for Better Result with WiseStamp

When it comes to getting traffic to a blog or website, Wisestamp can be a useful tool for emailing clients and harnessing the power of the underappreciated email marketing model.

To maximize the efforts of driving traffic from email to the website or a blog, you need to do lots of things to make it easy for people to click through your email link.

Have you ever thought of this before that you can get traffic to your blog just by receiving and replying to an email? That’s the latest thing that we shall be talking about this week.

In all emailing clients that we have in existence as at the time of writing, this is service that supports inserting signature into our emails but most of those signatures can’t be redesigned in a more professional way that will make it look well in order to attract people to our website.

Also, most of the emailing clients that we have normally do not have an HTML version of their mailing service except Google’s email known as Gmail is the only one present that allowed HTML coding where you can be able to add some code into your signature so as to brand your website.

But the good news today is that you can now add a customized designed images-rich signature to your signature post without stress with the use of a powerful browser extension.

The name of the plugin that we’ll be using is called WiseStamp. The extension is available for both Mozilla and Chrome because these two are the most used browsers as at this moment.


You can do anything you want with this cool extension plugin. You can brand yourself very well with images and any other things that can make you better on the internet. Whenever you’re sending out messages, your branded signature will go along with the email you are sending out without you having to do that by yourself.

So here are some of the cool features that you can be able to do on this extension plugin.

  • Email branding with Social Icons
  • Latest Internet Quotes
  • Quora updates
  • StumbleUpon latest posts
  • Image or Banner ads
  • and lots of other cool features that you will see in the extension setting page.

You can watch the video on how this wonderful browser extension work here below.


42 responses to “How to Optimize Your Email Address for Better Result with WiseStamp”

  1. shashank Avatar

    Dude initially i used Email signatures by editing them in HTML but this is something very awesome ! WOuld definitely give me awesome traffic thanks dude.

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      That’s great. I love it too…

  2. 4slash Avatar

    I have been mail champ for a quiet long time. i will definately use the knowledge shared in this article!

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