Tips and Tricks to Optimizing Social Media Campaigns

With a large number of B2B marketers using social media, it has become imperative to create the right content marketing strategy. In other words content for social campaigns should have the same efforts as the content created for your website.

So how do you start?

The same way as you would for a site. Identify the keywords first as that is where the right traffic is going to come from. Developing a content strategy often starts with a keyword analysis. For example, if you are in real estate and you write great content about “housing” but everyone is talking about “real estate” you’re not reaching anyone.  Similarly if the buzz is about “curb appeal” and you’re talking about “landscaping,” the conversation may pass you by. Keep with the trend. Listen to the conversation around you and then use similar verbiage. These help you get the right keywords so that you get the right traffic.Social Media CampaignsOnce you have determined which keywords your audience is searching for, create relevant content using those keywords. Write sticky content that provides value to keep the visitor on the site long enough to understand what you can do for them.

When writing content keep some things in mind:

  • Write a Headline that gets attention.
  • Make sure information is relevant and useful.
  • See if your company profile is also optimized with proper keywords.
  • Check if your contact information is clearly highlighted & easily accessible.
  • Make sure that all your social media profiles lead back to the same URL.

Don’t just limit optimization to content. See if you have used images, video, banners or any other media. Use Keywords to explain and optimize each.

Don’t stop at optimization. Track results. See if the campaign is working. To see if your efforts are providing results track analytics on a regular basis.

Measuring Social Media Campaigns

Some of the metrics you should always make sure you’re watching:

  • Number of Sign-ups, Inquiries, leads and Conversions.
  • Revenue per order or deal.
  • The number of conversions your company has generated from a social marketing strategy.
  • The level of engagement and the interest your prospects and clients show in your company.

A well optimized social media campaign can get measurable results over time. How you optimize the campaign and implement it will play a significant role.

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