OST Viewer Pro – Solution to Convert Offline Storage Table to PDF

There are various situations that demand the conversion of OST files to PDF. Now, the question arises how to perform the conversion. One effective and user-friendly tool you can make use of for this task is OST Viewer pro which enables the user to export OST to PDF. This tool also facilitates the users to open and read orphan OST files along with attachments. Moreover, there are various features of this tool that are described in the below section.

Advantageous Features of OST Viewer Pro

Some of the useful features of the software are as follows-

View OST Files in Bulk

This software enables the users to open and read multiple OST files. The tool generates the preview of email messages and attributes such as From, To, Sent Date, Received Date and Size in KiloBytes.

View Outlook Email Attachments

With this tool, users can read emails along with attachments. There are various types of emails attachments such as files, documents, images and other files.

View Emails in Different Styles

In order to read the single email, message tool offers various styling modes such as Normal View, RTF View, Hex View, Message Header View, Property View, MIME View, and attachments.

Convert PST to PDF format

One of the best features of the software is it allows users to export OST to PDF document in batch. Moreover, by using checkboxes uses can perform the selective conversion.

Provides Advance Searching Option

OST to PDF converter provides Advance search feature so that users can find specific email by providing any keyword or phrase. Moreover, users can also add various filter options to perform complete or deep searching of Outlook emails in OST.

Date Based Filter Option

The tool provides date based filter feature so that user can filter emails of the particular date range.
Emails that come under specific date are displayed by the tool.

Different File Naming conventions

The tool provides various naming options for PDF file. By default emails are saved as subject however, users can change it also. They can use combinations of date, month or year (DD-MM-YYY) as well as MD5 or auto incremental.

Export Selective Files or Folders

Users can apply filters or simply check/uncheck the checkboxes that are provided for each file or folder. Users can uncheck those emails which they don’t want to convert.


OST files are offline storage tables, offline folders make possible for the users to work offline and then synchronize changes with the Exchange Server at the next time they connect. However, at times users want to convert Outlook OST to PDF. So that emails can be secure and portable. Therefore, by OST Viewer Pro users readily convert OST files to PDF.

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