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Phone Repair Uncovered: 10 Things Only Experts Know About Phone Repair

Mobile phones are one of the most purchased and used devices all over the world. In today’s era, mobile phones have the capability of doing various things that one could imagine. At some point, our mobile phone fails to work in one aspect or the other. We either have the choice to purchase new ones or have a repair done. Majority of people tend to choose to repair since buying a new device is costly. However, when we take our phones to the technicians for repair, there are several things that only they know.

Phone Repair Uncovered: 10 Facts About Smartphone Repair Everyone Should Know

Phone Repair Secrets - 10 Things Only Experts Know About Phone Repair
Carrying a faulty phone will deprive you off most of the benefits attached to buying it in the first place. Here are 10 truths about phone repair everybody should know including steps to spot the right engineer to fix your faulty smartphone.

1. Knowledge of using all types of phones

For a technician to be able to repair any phone that is brought to him/her, they should know how different phones operate. They should know how different operating systems work.

2. Practice

What we don’t know is that, before a technician accepts to repair our phone, he/she might have training in repairing a phone with the same problem. Some spend their time repairing some dead phones just for practice. For instance, the technicians at the popular MacBook repair center based in Singapore have had enough practice in phone repair. With a team of experts smartphone technicians, you can be sure of getting your device properly fixed.

3. Internet assistance

Mobile phone repair technicians also seek help from the internet to complete their repairs. No one is perfect, and therefore, when they experience some difficulty when repairing a particular phone, they will have to seek help from the internet. Customers will not know about this because it is part of the trade secret.

4. Some problems can be fixed by ourselves

There are some mobile phone issues that when we take it to a technician, they handle them with ease since the issues are pretty simple that could have been solved all by ourselves. A technician will spend very little time on this kind of repairs.

Had it been we could do some research, we probably could have got them resolved by ourselves. But unfortunately for us, and fortunately for the technician, they’ve got to make money for helping us out!

5. Some problems are not as severe as they say

Some technicians will explain a phone problem and make you think that the problem is too harsh. They might even make you feel that the mobile phone is not going to work again. This is just a way to make you pay for the amount they need. It sometimes has nothing to do with serious repair problems.

Faulty iPhone - some problems are not as severe as they say
In most cases, not everything the technicians say concerning your device is mostly true. Sometimes, you need some level of trust for you to believe what they said.

6. They won’t do more harm than good

Taking your phone for repair to technicians like those at MacBook repair Singapore assure you that your phone will be handled with care. Most technicians value their customers, and they will do their best to repair the phones rather than returning them while in lousy shape than they came.

7. Knowledge of software and brand

Technicians who repair our phones have the skills in repairing phones with different software. Whether it is android or apple, the technician who is an expert knows how to go about the problem.

8. Detecting the exact issue

When taking a phone for repair, a technician will never proceed without knowing the exact problem. This is the reason why it is essential that we explain the issues in details.

Detecting the exact issue with the smartphone requires professional touch and your input
Detecting the exact issue with the smartphone requires a professional touch and your personal input. The details you provided will also help the technician in his final conclusion.

9. Preference of replacing to fixing

Most of the technicians will prefer replacing accessories like batteries, buttons, and screens rather than repairing them. This is to avoid further damages and blames. Fixing some problems will not solve them entirely; hence, the customer will keep coming back. This is what they try to avoid.

10. Openness to customers

Experts in phone repair will always let their customer know everything. This enables them to earn their customer’s trust. An expert can also delegate when he/she feels the problem is beyond their knowledge. Delegating shows the right profession.


When we have a problem with our phone and needs repair, we should not just take our phones to any technicians. We should take them to the ones we trust and are good at their job. Some of the technicians might have never dealt with a problem like the one your phone has, and they might not let you know that. Some of them will take the opportunity to practice on it. Choosing the best technicians ensures that our phone comes back in better condition. This, therefore, saves us the cost of buying new mobile phones.

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