How to Interact with Your Customers More Using POS Systems

Whenever you are running a business, it is all about getting as much face time with your clientele as possible. You must spend a lot of time speaking with your clients about the kinds of products you have to offer and about why they will appreciate these products. The last thing you want to do after you pique their interest is to run off to a remote POS terminal to put in an order or to ring them up. It is much better if you can remain with the client and keep talking as you ring up the sale. This is why so many retail businesses and restaurants have started moving towards using iPads as a way to remain with the client as long as possible. Forbes even thinks it is possible that the iPad may eventually replace the traditional cash register.

As it has been seen in restaurants in New York City, the iPad has been instrumental in allowing servers to stay at the table longer, according to The great thing about using the iPad as a part of your POS system is that you are able to place an order while standing at the table, run the credit card right in front of the customer, and reduce the chance that clients will change their mind about a purchase. All of these things are possible with the new retail POS software available in the marketplace today.

Minimize Clients Changing Their Mind

A common problem in the retail industry is that customers can change their mind in between viewing the item and moving to the register. This problem can be avoided when you have the kind of retail POS software that allows you to stay with the customer and ring up the items at the very moment after the purchasing decision has been made. This way, the customer will still be focused on how great the deal is and is less likely to have second thoughts. The transaction takes place in one spot, and customers will never leave the items they want to purchase.

A Mobile POS systemAn example of mobile POS system service rendered using an iPad-like device by REVEL

Place Orders at the Table

The same kind of software that works for the retail industry works well for the restaurant industry. This is because servers can stay at the table while talking with guests. When an order is placed, it can be put directly into the system. This means a shorter wait time for the guests when trying to get an appetizer to the table, or if they are in a rush. The server can continue to up-sell for the next course even after putting in a food order. While customers are still ordering their dinner, the appetizer is being cooked and may even be on its way to the table.

Run Credit Cards in Front of the Guest

iPad POS system credit card payment

Just as the food orders can be easily placed in front of the guests, the payments can be made in front of the guests as well. Just like with the retail POS software, tablets allow the servers to simply pick up the credit card and run it right there at the table. This cuts down on the possibility of a guest feeling cheated on how much they are paying for the food they have received. Additionally, there can never be any dispute about whether the server has copied the numbers of the credit cards. Since the credit card is never out of the sight of the customer, it is impossible to copy down the numbers. This makes the customer feel more secure in using their credit card and may encourage them to return.






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