2 Major Problems Facing Laptop Computers and the Solutions

The major problem of computers and laptops now are easily fixed but difficult to diagnose, this is because you can easily take the last resort fixing your laptop or computers by wiping the hard disc off and reinstalling the operating system for any software error. Though, it may be very easy for you to do but how sure are you that you might not get the same problem back when you can’t possibly tell where the problem of the system arises from?

In recent days the major problem faced by computers are majorly classified as the problem arising as a result of virus infection on the laptop computer as the case may be, but I’ll like to tell you that apart from virus infection, there are still some programs that also contribute to the malfunctioning of your laptops PC, these problem will be look into in this article.

Major Laptop Computer Problems and their Solutions

 Malware Problems

The malicious software popularly known as malware is an agent of destruction that destroys system gradually. Malware is a very dangerous program that could totally destroy the entire hard disk of a laptop computer if care is not taking. A good example of malware are “worms” and ‘’Trojan horse’’.

Malware can infect your system in two ways: a) through email attachment or, b) through p2p programs such as limewire.
It is often hard to get rid of malware from your system. It is either you prevent your system from being infected or when infected, you either restore you system or you wipe and reinstall your OS, I mean “Operating System”.

Spyware Problems

Another agent of destruction that laptop computers battle with is the spyware.

It’s funny how the spyware operate, have you ever wake up and find out that you are having some files on your system in which you’ve never remember installed on your system? If yes, then you must have experience the infection of spyware on your system. Just as said earlier on, spyware allows program to be install on your system without your consent.

The major function of spyware on system is to slow your system performance. In getting rid of this program on your system, you can try to install software that’ll fight against this program; software like Spybot search and destroy or Adaware, they should help in fighting spyware away from your system.

If after doing these things, the problem still exists, it’s possible your system need a disk clean-up or maybe you need to defragment the hard-drive of your laptop computer. And to do this, you can go by this procedure:

Solving Laptop Computer Problems; the DIY way

Do a disk cleanup by following the steps below:

Open Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup and then follow the steps thereafter.

disk clean up

To defragment your hard drive by:

Open Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

disk defragmenter

And if after this you’re still having problem with your system, then I think we’ve to tweak into the start-up settings and by doing this:

Click Start > Run > Type “msconfig”

windows 8 msconfig

After you have done that, it will open up your system configuration utility. Select the tab that says “General” and put a check in the box next to “Selective Startup”. You can then click the tab labeled “start up” here you’ll see a list of some programs.

These program run automatically when you turn on your system, you can then start to uncheck some of the programs which will make you get some of your resources back, but, please, when doing this, don’t try to uncheck the windows application. I assure you that after you finish doing all this I know your system will not give you issues again.

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