How I’ve been Able to Play Away Time to Remain Productive playing Online Games

In order to remain productive as a writer and blogger, we need something to steer us up. To some bloggers, it is money while others focuses on other things to make them remain productive while blogging online. But, above all, playing at times is a good thing if you want to remain productive as a blogger and online businessman. So, I have a true life experience I’d like to share with you in this article in order to steer you up on producing more and writing more for more traffic.

Bingo game is an online game that’s highly ranked worldwide among the World Best Fun Games. The game let players have fun while they are also giving their brain some tests to make it think more.

Playing online games has been for a very long time. Though, I haven’t had an opportunity to play one, but, I have some friends who have become pros in playing it. But, these days that I have started playing a lot of online games, I have to test my skills on all form of games. The first that I started with was by playing the best Facebook games of 2012, which I’ve listed in one of my recent blog posts on this blog. For the past few weeks, I have been able to play four out of the five games listed in the post and it was really fun for me playing them.

Apart from playing online games like the Facebook Games that I have recently mentioned, I’ve tried my hands on other fun stuffs that has really help me remain productive since that time.

During the past few months, I was unable to do as I used to do on this blog because I’m unhappy about how things have gone.

So, I was thinking of what could I do to make myself become livelier like I was before the incident that occurred. Then, I started playing games, watching films and other fun-like stuffs… Imagine what happened afterward? I’ve gained my real self back, and now I can write, eat, drink and even play more online games.

One thing I have enjoyed playing online games is how easy it was for me to learn it in a simple to understand way from a popular site that I was using. The website has really helped me to in learning how to break the jinx of winning while playing it. I’ve been enjoying the process of my learning but, I can’t tell you that I can play it better now, because I still need to learn more about it. However, I have some other games on my mobile phone such as Angry Birds that always keeps me busy.

So, what are the things I’ve learned about playing games online for productivity?

Playing away time! Why?

I’ve learn’t some basic blogging secrets which I believe have helped me in so many cases – blogging won’t work if you don’t make it interesting to you. That is why I created a spreadsheet for playing and exercising after doing my daily work – some portions on my websites and some on the entire web. With this, I’ll remain more productive due to the fact that I’d want to play my best game if I’m able to meet my daily target. And when I’m not, that mean, I do not have any right to play games that day – what a nice self-denial? I think it is good for me to train myself for managing time.

If all bloggers can cultivate the habit of playing games online while blogging online, it will surely help them to be more productive and be able to deliver more.

Many people would think I’m not doing what is right but I’ve knew from the onset they would say that to me when I begin to do something differently. If you want to reach the top of the ladder of success in life, you have to change your perspectives, thinking talent and face the reality of life.

Last word from an Unserious Blogger who’s learning how to play games online! Working less, earning more…

Please play away time if that’s what would take you become productive rather than staying in front of the computer without anything to show for your time spent. And it is scientifically proven that sitting in front of the computer too much has a lot of dangers to health as well. I know you wouldn’t want to become an obese all in the name of Blogging.

BTW, in my bid to always stay productive, I’ve purchased series of films, both seasoned and normal films which I will soon start watching. If you want me to share the list with you, you can contact me on my Facebook profile page for that or you can use my contact form here as well.

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