5 Clever Ways To Promote Your Blog

There are lots of articles on the web extolling the same old tired methods on how to promote your blog. Below we have a few ideas and tricks that we feel are off-the-beaten path and highly creative, yet just as effective.

Sometimes the best ideas are those which are right in front of us and escape our noses. Such is the case with the ideas below which at first took us a second to realize these are prime blog promotion strategies.3 blogging tips to help you promote your blog easily

1. Alltop

This is the mega power house RSS feed site created by marketing maverick Guy Kawasaki. It is essentially a giant web of feeds from various sites and blogs categorized by niche. My guess is that initially the sites picked came from staff members, however over time as the site grew – reader submissions were introduced. Now anyone can submit their blog as a potential listing that gets included in feed results. However it is not a guaranteed approval process, you may or may not be chosen. I have an iPhone blog that is included in the iPhone category and the page my site sits on is a do follow PR 4. Take a look at Alltop and see if you might be able to do the same.

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2. Theme Showcases

If your site has one of those nifty and groovy WordPress themes from a top notch developer or a popular designer, it’s highly likely that there’s a theme showcase which you might be able to get listed on. Woo Themes has one, Studio Press has one and Thesis has one. But many smaller theme developers have theme showcases as well, don’t discount these, as they are prime blog marketing material.

3. The Burning House

Here’s a site we just found that solicits pictures of what someone (anyone) would take with them in the case of a house fire. It’s a cool site and one thing we noticed is that on each entry there’s a spot for a URL, meaning that if the person submitting his or her info happens to have a website or blog, he or she can elect to have it mentioned as part of their entry and this link is do follow and a nice way to market your blog. Very cool.

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4. Google Plus Profiles

As a relatively new entry in the social network sphere, Google Plus is in and of itself a great way to promote your site or blog. However its worth noting that if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the do follow link Google allows in your profile section. Now is a good time to get that baby listed and counted. Visit your profile and go to the ABOUT tab or section, this is where you will find the area to list your blog link(s).

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5. YouTube Commenting

This was pointed out to me recently and again something that was right under my nose but completely slipped my mind as a way to promote my blog. Essentially the idea is that you promote your YouTube channel by leaving good and appropriate comments on other videos within the site and this in turn adds juice to your channel which in turn provides juice to the URL you link to in your channel.

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There are many more creative methods to promote your blog and increase traffic, sales and or readership. You just have to stay open to the opportunities before you and think outside the box.

What creative ways have you promoted your blog? That might be considered new and or clever. Share with us below in the comment area.

This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who is a prolific guest writer that works for various clients including Paul, a car hire UK service provider.

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