How to Protect Gmail with 2-Step Verification and Authentication

Google Mail known as gmail is one of the best internet mailing site ever on the internet. This email apart from the functions it provides, Gmail is known as the most secured email platform on the internet. But many hackers still have access to people’s email address on gmail platform by using keyloggers and some other email hacking softwares online. So, in wake of this situation and for Google to keep its platform clean of bad things, Google launched a 2-step verification and authentication that will give hackers a run for their time spent in hacking emails. With this system being put ion place, you don’t have to worry if hackers get access to your email address password because they can’t access your email unless you give them the access by yourself.

How Does It Works?

The Google 2-steps authentication works with mobile phone authentication and the normal gmail password. It means that before someone can be able to get access to your email, the fellow must have your mobile phone with him because after you login with your password, you can’t get access directly into your email until you provide the authentication message that you will receive on your mobile at that very point in time. If you’re not with your mobile phone, you wouldn’t be able to access your email because of the verification code that would be sent to it.

What If I Lost My Phone Completely?

On registering for this service, you will be provided with two options to add your normal mobile number and the other one which can serve as a backup in-case you lost the phone. 

How to enable 2-step authentication:

1. Login to your Google account settings page. You will see a link “Using 2-step authentication”. Use this link and on the next page, click on “Set up 2-step authentication”.

2. Select and enter your phone number where you want to receive the verification code. You need to verify this number.

So do so and then go to the next option. You can watch the video to understand better on this. Thanks for reading

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