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PST to PDF Migration – How to Easily Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

Nowadays, portability is one of the major features which make the files available in any of the platform. PDF is one such file format that is platform-independent and portable. However, this portability feature is not with Microsoft Outlook email files. Outlook email files are stored in PST file format i.e. Personal storage table. In order to read PST files user, Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the local machine. Therefore, to read PST emails at any platform there is a need to export PST to PDF. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss various needs and solutions for the conversion of PST files.

Need for Outlook PST to PDF Conversion

In this article, you will learn how to convert PST to PDF documents also, identify various needs for the conversion. Get a trouble-free method to perform the migration of Outlook emails to PDF. This post explains in detail how to easily convert Outlook emails to PDF files.

Outlook PST to PDF Migration – How to Easily Convert Outlook Emails to PDF
Follow the guidelines in this article to easily convert outlook emails to PDF files with the step by step PST to PDF migration process.

There are various needs for converting PST files to PDF. Let us understand it more clearly by some user queries-

“I am having numerous large amount of Outlook emails configured in my account. But, for portability and printing these emails I decided to convert them into Adobe PDF file format. According to me, this would be the best solution. But, I didn’t found the reliable method for the conversion. All suggestions are welcomed and kindly suggest me the apt solution to export Outlook emails to PDF.”

“I am working as a lawyer. I am having some confidential emails from my client. I urgently need to upload PST files to PDF so that I could take a print out of these emails. Please suggest me some trouble-free solution to convert PST folder to PDF with attachments also.”

“I am working as a Manager in one of the organizations. I am using Microsoft Outlook email client for sending and receiving emails. But, I have to send some important Outlook emails to one of my clients. But, he is not using Outlook. I find converting these emails would be the best method. But, I didn’t find the trouble-shoot method to perform the conversion of PST to PDF with attachments. Please, help me to solve this problem.”

Reliable Method to Save Outlook Email as PDF

In order to perform PST to PDF conversion, there is no such direct method available. It is recommended to opt for a third-party tool i.e. PST to PDF Exporter. This tool easily migrates personal storage tables to Adobe PDF file format. Moreover, this tool is easy to use and has a Windows Explorer-like user interface. This software is also capable of scanning an unlimited size of Outlook PST. That can be the load for preview by the user. Furthermore, there are various matchless features of the software that are discussed in the next section.

Advantageous Features of Software to Export PST to PDF

Migrate Outlook PST Emails to PDF With Attachments: This tool easily imports PST files to PDF. It effortlessly exports emails, notes, tasks, contacts, etc. Moreover, it also provides an option for selective conversion. Also, support both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files.

Provides Dual Option to Add PST File: Before initiating the procedure to convert the PST folder to PDF. This software provides two modes i.e. File Mode and Folder Mode. With file mode, the user can convert the single .pst file. While on the other hand with Folder mode users can migrate multiple PST.

Provides Date Filter Option: With this feature users can export selective items, it not mandatory to convert all emails. By, using the date range filter option the user can filter emails according to a specified date range.

Change Settings of PDF File Format: By default, there are some parameters of the output PDF document. However, if the user wants to modify those setting then they are free to do that. Moreover, users can add Bates numbers in PDF file at the specified position. And also insert Date stamping feature.

Final Words

If you’ve been following all I have been saying since, by now, you should be able to know how to convert PST to PDF document, identify various techniques and easy to follow method to perform the migration.

In this article, we have different user queries in order to convert OST emails to PDF. Apart from that, we have also discussed the reliable method for the conversion i.e. PST file to PDF Exporter. This tool is easy-to-use and quite relevant to convert PST to PDF with attachments. Moreover, this software also provides various matchless features that are described in the above section. Click here to check it out.

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