QR Codes or MVS Technology – The Problems of QR Codes over Mobile Visual Search Solution

There are many challenges, shortcomings user could face while using QR codes over mobile visual search (MVS) technology that cannot be overlooked. We’ve detailed them here.

Gone are the days when you will have to go to a physical retail store before you can buy one or two things, but today, you can just use your mobile smartphones to order such a product with the help of QR codes technology. But, this same technology has climaxed up to a stage where the technology no longer works for what it was designed for – instead, it is been used as a carrier of evil agenda by hackers.

Nowadays, hackers are using the opportunity QR codes present to embed malicious scripts unto unsuspecting smartphones, and thereby sending them to fake websites, or to remotely force the device in downloading their malicious application which could invariably harm such devices. According to the report at Wave, it shows that many QR code applications have corrupted over the years due to the fact that some hackers have come into play in the QR code business.

QR code vs MVS Technology - The role of QR code in breaking the ground for mobile visual search technology.
QR code vs MVS Technology – The role that QR code is taking in breaking the ground for mobile visual search technology.

And according to what was said by Jon Barocas, the founder & CEO of bieMEDIA (which is a Denver-based online media solutions setup that specializes in mobile visual search, technology, video production and distribution, along with SEO and VSEO) on Mashable recently; it now shows that QR code will no longer serve the mobile smartphone world the way it has been for a very long time ago.

Why would that come to be?

It is very simple simply because there is a new baby in the industry that could serve the smartphone mobile users the best more than what a QR code technology can do.

So that is why I’m writing this post to show you the possibility of insecurities in using the QR codes on your phones and the other service that could be useful for you in case you are no longer interested in using it again after this post.

Hackers Can Use It to Send You to a Fake Site

One thing that hackers have been able to do for the whole years that the internet has been in existence is to always be on the lookout for ways to create a loophole for easy going of their bad business activities. According to a recent finding, it shows that hackers are now embedding fake code that will be sending users to fake and phishing websites where they could easily get rid of your hard earned dollars.

So, that is a great sign that QR CODE is moving closer to an abrupt end that could give way for other services such as mobile visual search (MVS).

With this MVS technology, you can just point your camera-enabled phone at a product or logo and then shoot a picture, and within few seconds, the MVS application will produce the product or the company details without hassle. And it can also show you the option to make the purchase right from that point without much stress which you couldn’t easily find while using QR codes.

By focusing on the real-world objects and images instead of code, MVS reduces the risk of a virus or Trojan attacks on your device.

And you know that with this, the chances of hackers getting access over your phone wouldn’t come to play any longer.

Trojan and Virus Attacks can have access to your Phone

Since QR code application can easily be manipulated by hackers, they can easily send trojans and spyware on your device even when you are unaware.

For example, an infected QR code can download an application that embeds a hidden SMS texting charges in your monthly cell phone bill unknown to you as the owner and thereby cause your money to be deducted without your permission for a service you did not use. It is now revealed that QR codes can be used in gaining full access to any smartphone without hassle. They can now read the person’s

Way Out of QR codes security loopholes

Only click through to trusted vendors

In order to be very sure of your security in using QR CODEs, it is advisable for you to always click through to some of the trusted vendors out there and never click QR codes from an unknown source as this could cause damages to your phone and personal data.

Change to mobile visual search technology (MVS technology)

In order to stay up to date with how technology is driving the world of smartphone, you need to change to the method people are using to secure their files and important information. That is why MVS technology is now in place for serious minded people like you. You can switch to the mobile visual search technology over the QR code which is no longer the way it used to be before due to hackers involvements.

Does it end here? No, it doesn’t

You can still make use of QR codes without getting yourself in any of these negative things by reading this post from Marketing Land showing us 8 ways to make use of QR codes even at this present time when it is not the most favorited method.

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