How to Read Lotus Notes NSF Files in Outlook Application

MS Outlook is a little complex email application as compared to Outlook. Therefore, a number of users want to switch from Lotus Notes account to Outlook. As a popular or widely used email client, Outlook is preferred by most of the users. Nowadays, emails are the source of communication in an organization and a user may have a number of important emails which he wants to access in Outlook. To read NSF files in Outlook, it is required to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST file format. A user asked:

“Hey! I want to view Lotus Notes email in Outlook because now my organization has switched from Lotus Notes client to Outlook. But I am new to this email application. I really need some assistance to perform the migration easily without any data loss. Thanks!”

read nsf files in outlookReasons to Move from Lotus Notes Client to Outlook

There can be many reasons to open Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook as listed:

  • The Interface of IBM Notes client is highly complex for a user who belongs from a non-technical background as compared to Outlook.
  • The maintenance and purchasing cost of MS Outlook is quite less. If any issue arises in Outlook, then one can use inbuilt utilities which are available in Outlook to repair the damaged PST file.
  • You can access your emails in Outlook on your mobile phones or tabs. But there is no such feature provided by Lotus Notes. You can definitely use smart devices to read Lotus Notes emails in Outlook.
  • Due to Lotus Notes complex functions, it is difficult for a beginner to work. There is no need of technical assistance to use MS Outlook.
  • If a user wants to access any other account in Lotus Notes, then he needs to have ID file of that account in his system. There is no feature of accessing multiple accounts simultaneously but in case of Outlook, you can read emails from more than one email account.

Read NSF Files in Outlook Manually

There is a two-step process that can export the emails from Lotus Notes database and import those emails in MS Outlook. Following are the steps to perform the migration process:

  • Export NSF file
  1. Open Lotus Notes email client. Click on Mail >> File option from the menu bar.
  2. Click on the Export option to start the export process.
  3. In Export Wizard, choose the file format of the emails to be exported from Notes.
  4. Choose Tabular Text/Structured Text (supported by MS Outlook email client) and then, click on Continue button to proceed with the exportation process.
  5. Click on Export to finish the process. Now, all your files will move to the destination location.
  6. You need to convert contents in Notes NSF file to CSV(Comma Separated Values)/ TSV(Tab Separated Values) in the next step.
  • Open Lotus Notes Mail in Outlook
  1. To read NSF files in Outlook, open the application and go to File menu.
  2. Click on Import & Export option.
  3. Click on Import from another program or file in Import & Export wizard, and then click on Next button to proceed.
  4. To open Lotus Notes email in Outlook, Choose the format CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) (Windows) or TSV (Tab-Separated-Values) (Windows).
  5. Click on Next button and continue with the Export wizard.
  6. Browse the exported file and then click on Finish button.
  7. Now, all emails from Lotus Notes will get migrated to Outlook.

Automated Solution to View Lotus Notes NSF Files in Outlook

There is no doubt that above method is very easy to read NSF files in Outlook. But if a user has a bulk number of emails then it can take a lot of time to transfer the data from Lotus Notes email client to MS Outlook. So, you can avoid the time-consuming process with the help of the automated solution. It can convert the Notes NSF database file to Outlook PST file format. After that, you can open that file in MS Outlook. It is easy for the non-technical user to understand and implement the process with the help of this tool. This tool ensures data safety and there is no loss of data during the process.

Last Words

Due to the increasing demand of Outlook, most of the Lotus Notes users have migrated to it. But some people are still facing problems to switch their email client. They don’t know how to read NSF files in Outlook. In this article, we have explained methods to access Notes emails without a loss of single bit in MS Outlook.

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