How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Manually and Automatically

MS Outlook provides a feature that creates personal storage data file to let users access their emails for business purpose. The Outlook PST file holds the data in the mailbox that includes emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. These emails messages can be generated by the newsletter, press release, or exciting news items etc. The main purpose of all the users is to keep the data items in the mailbox safe and secured and to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

However, most of users face problems when they cannot access their Outlook PST files due to reasons like multiple copies of same emails, incorrect synchronization, and virus attack issue. To overcome these issues due to presence of few duplicate items in Outlook. In the article, we will be discussing what duplicate files in Outlook are, how duplicity occur in Outlook, how to remove duplicate Outlook emails, contacts from PST file and solution to remove duplicate items.

Possible reasons behind Duplicate Items appearing in Outlook

While using Outlook mailbox many users have encountered certain problems, which have necessitated them to remove the redundant data from PST files so that they can easily view the files accurately and independently. There are plenty of reasons to remove duplicate emails, contacts, calendars entries, etc. from Outlook PST files. The following reasons are mentioned as below:

  1. Users may receive multiple copies of same email messages from their friends and relatives. They forward same email messages gradually it causes duplicity in data items.
  2. Most frequent cause is an interrupted or synchronization with a laptop or mobile devices. For example if users can view some messages from multiple platform i.e. mobile device or laptop and then, place the read messages to multiple folders.
  3. Sometimes redundant e-mails are produced by delay of mail server; especially users started the “Leave Message on Server” setting option. While configure Outlook then, apply “move a copy to” rule twice to a certain incoming message which cause an email duplication.
  4. Merging PST files into one it may result in duplicity messages.
  5. If users try to save a contact along-with same name or email address as one who already existing into users contact list a dialog box may appear with options to create duplicate outlook contacts or update the existing contacts.
  6. While importing the contacts into Outlook then, duplicate items might be created, it will create more complicated.
  7. Complicated emails and content of other mailbox require more space in the file, and it may results in increasing PST file size. This may cause to generate duplicate items occur in Outlook mailbox.
  8. Anti-virus software may create duplicate items. Due to this cause, users enable to select “Send and receive” option.

Multiple copies of same data items it will become less productive. Users become more stressful if they face these types of redundancy issues.

Problems occurred by duplicate items.

As we know, Outlook is one of the most complex applications of MS Office suite.

It comprises many resources for making performance smooth, and it consumes more memory, disk space and CPU usage. For example, users want to search a particular message from Outlook but Outlook get irritates through all email messages in a given folder including duplicate data items.

Outlook becomes to slow down when size of mailbox reaches around 2-3GB otherwise if users not able to reduce the size of mailbox and Outlook data items, then Outlook mailbox may start hanging, freezing and not responding properly.

Advantages of deleting duplicacy from PST file

  1. Flexible:- users can able to view the particular data file without any hurdle after deleting the redundant file from PST Outlook.
  2. Fast:- Speed becomes more simple and fast. Users can easily access contacts, emails, calendar, tasks etc.
  3. Space free:- Create free space and to remove outlook duplicates. Users have sufficient space for storing the necessary files and reduce file size.
  4. Virus free:- After remove duplicate emails, Outlook mailbox becomes free from numerous bug and virus. All users keep the data files in the mailbox safe and secured.

How to Remove Duplicates Emails in Outlook from PST files/folders

Single files create multiple copies and store in different Outlook mailbox or archive folders. There are two methods to delete Outlook duplicates from Outlook Data File i.e., Manual and Automated method. Manually, to remove Outlook duplicates use the following methods and remove the copied files from the folder.

Step 1: Open Outlook mailbox and select specific folder from where users want to remove duplicate Outlook items.


Step 2:  Now, select view menu, and move to the current view and then, change the folder view type according to user’s requirement.


Step 3: Click Right on column heading and after this click on Field chooser option.


Step 4: Select all mail fields from field chooser option and then, drag the modified field to table heading.


Step 5: For checking the duplicate items click on modifies sort fields. Then, view the list of duplicate items.


Step 6: Select any file that users want to remove and the, click on shift + Delete button to delete permanently from Outlook.


Limitations of Manually Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

  1. While working on Outlook, users may be delete single necessary files by default.
  2. Slow internet connection network.
  3. At a time, users cannot remove duplicate emails in Outlook messages from multiple Outlook PST files in bulk.
  4. Users cannot able to remove redundant files within the folder and across the folder.
  5. Does not allow to add multiple PST file with attributes at a time.
  6. Users do not able to create new store folder while removing duplicate emails.


After discussing the issues related to duplicacy of files from Outlook data files, the article focuses on the requirement of Outlook Duplicate Remover Software to remove Outlook duplicates automatically present in Outlook PST files. It also explains why the Duplicate Remover Software is better than other available manual solutions. Also gives the solution to remove Duplicates in Outlook.

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