Why Residential VoIP instead of Landline Phone

Many people ask me as a technology writer why to opt for internet phone service instead? I am going to write this article to advocate my point of view that why I favor residential VoIP over landline. All my focus during this article will be on things that ordinary consumers often look over.Voip

Flexibility of use

I have used landline phone for many years. All other users who currently use landline phone would agree with me that it can only be used by staying connected with the line available for that specific purpose. You cannot use your landline on your computer or smart phone. Internet phone can be used in many different ways. Big residential VoIP providers like Axvoice offer you the flexibility that you can use their service on your PC, through your mobile phone, or by adopting the regular option of VoIP ATA. Therefore, the single most important reason for using VoIP is its flexibility of usage.

Reliability and call quality

The major difference between internet phone and other phone services is that of technology. Your landline uses the same old analog signaling system with copper wires. This technology has not only become old but is also unable to handle the load of increasing number of subscribers. The voice data travels very slowly through this mechanism. On the other hand, when we are talking about internet phone, its total reliance is on internet for sending and receiving voice. Internet phone is therefore a lot more responsive and using internet instead of copper wires makes this phone service lot more dependable. This also improves the quality of phone calls many times over.

Installation and configuration

Installing landline phone isn’t easy. You need to have a trained professional who can connect your landline with the phone line. If you don’t have the line of the service provider, you won’t be able to use their landline phone service. Internet phone’s biggest advantage is that it is very easy to install. Any layman can understand its installation process. Many VoIP providers now offer a user manual along with their phone to make sure phone users can install their VoIP by themselves. Even configuration details are also given that you can follow by yourself without any external assistance required.

Industry competition

VoIP is one of the most competitive industries around. There are literally thousands of residential VoIP out there to choose from. More service providers are always good for the consumers because then they can make a smarter choice and save money too. Landline phone services have very few competitors which is why the customers negotiating power is very weak. This results in higher prices charged and poor quality service delivered.

Features of service

Landline phone services always lack in offering more advanced features to their customers. Most of them don’t offer any value for money features. Even if you are able to find some good features offered by landline phone services, they charge a lot of extra money for them. On the other hand, most VoIP services offer basic plus advanced features. Many offer all the features within the call plans that you opt for without any extra charges.

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