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Utility tools are types of computer applications software’s that have the ability of going deeper into a computer’s root in order to solve an error that pertains to the computer.

On daily basis, we normally install one or two softwares on our computer system and most of the files that we install on the computer has some additional files that came with it either knowingly or unknowingly from the manufacturer and such files/applications can starts to malfunction or misbehaving on the computer system. In this type of situation, we need to remove the files from our computer system and even when we finally remove them, it is very certain that there will still be some hidden patches on the computer which might even share our computer’s memory and that can cause slow computer performance if care is not well taken.

I have a solution to all your computer worries now because in couple of minutes now, you can be able to download a computer utility that has the power to help you solve most of your computer worries without hassle. Revo Uninstall utility software can be of great help when your computer starts to malfunction or behave badly. Below are some of the features of Revo-Uninstaller software: The only problem that you might met with this utility software is that you have to pay before you have full functionality of the software.


Easy Uninstall of Application

When it comes to uninstalling crashed or softwares that is not working well on your computer, this device will help you remove them easily.

Hunter Mode

Auto-eye opening mode that this software has is one of the things that makes it more better than other utility tools on the internet. If there is software that is running at the background of your computer, this software will locate and show you that the software is running and you can then remove it from your PC immediately from the same spot.

Junk File Cleaner

It works as Auto-system cleaner for all junk files that are stored on your computer after you installed a software.

Auto Run Manager

If your Windows computer is not running faster, chances are that some software applications might have started running from the background mode of your computer right from the time you put on the PC. So, if that’s the case, just use this tool to check and un-check application you want to load immediately you on your computer.

Clear All Browser History

The main reason why browser history options are made with your internet browsers is because you can use them to do some tasks that relates with accessing your internet connection preferences.  Folders like History, Temporary Files, Cookies, Download History can be deleted with this software without stress.

Hard Delete Files

Just like how we have hard-formatting for smartphones, so also is an option for your computer to use hard-deleting option which you can use when you want to remove files from your computer totally when you don’t need the file again. What many people don’t know about computer is that not all what you delete from hard disk is deleted forever, you can still recover them back from the computer’s hard disk but with this software – everything is deleted at once and that’s all.

[Download Revo Uninstaller Here]

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