The Roomba Is The Best Home Cleaning Technology Available

Roomba wants to be your next home cleaning technology.

One of the most useful, most fun technological innovations is the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. Instead of lugging out your heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner, let your Roomba do the hard work of vacuuming for you. My Roomba works well on both hardwood floors and carpet. The only downside to using the Roomba is that I have to make sure that the room is clear of any cords or other objects that could block the vacuum’s path. However, this only takes a few minutes, and then I can let my robot vacuum take care of the rest of the job. I highly recommend the Roomba, and if you hate vacuuming like me, you should check out this innovative gizmo.

Deciding Which Roomba Model Would Be Right For You

Personally, I own the cheapest, most basic Roomba model on the market and it cleans my floors just fine. If I had more money, I might invest in one of the higher end models because of all the special features they offer. The Roomba 760 can be scheduled so that it cleans your home while you are gone. This is a nice feature because the Roomba can be a bit loud during cleaning if you have hardwood floors. If you have carpet in your house, the noise from a Roomba is usually not noticeable. The Roomba 760 also has HEPA filters, making it a smart choice for someone who has allergies or breathing problems. If you have pets, you might want to consider buying the iRobot Roomba 572 Pet Series model. This robot vacuum is specially designed to pick up hair from shedding pets. Another specialty Roomba is the Scooba, which scrubs your tile floors. The Scooba is perfect for keeping your kitchen floor spotless. iRobot even sells robot vacuums that clean out your pool and gutters. The more cleaning tasks you can delegate to robots, the more free time you will have. Living in the future can be lots of fun when you have robots to do your household chores.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Roomba

Although the Roomba is a fairly durable gadget, there are a few things owners should do in order to prolong the life of their robotic vacuum. It is important to empty your Roomba after each cleaning session. You should also clean string and dirt out from around the vacuum’s wheels. This keeps the wheels from getting stuck. When you purchase your Roomba, you will get a kit that makes cleaning this device easy. You should also keep your Roomba on the charger whenever it is not in use. Letting your Roomba sit around uncharged can shorten the lifespan of its battery. If your battery dies while your Roomba is still in good working condition, you can order a replacement battery. In fact, iRobot sells many replacement parts as well as replacement filters and cleaning sets. Fortunately, I have had my Roomba for almost a year and I have not needed to order any replacement parts.

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