How To Run Android Apps On Windows with Blue Stacks App

Want Android Apps On Windows?

If you are considering running Android applications on your Windows PC, you are required to install a software program called as the Blue Stacks. This application will help you play and import all the Android Apps faster and also in full-screen mode. You only are required to download, install and then use the cloud connect feature with your Android device so that you can easily import all the apps from your mobile right into your PC.


The Blue Stack application is pre installed with 10 different applications including Drag Racing, Bloomberg News, Pulse, Bubble Buster and others. The application itself can manage around 26 other application installations. Blue Stack is free to download and now it easily accessible for Windows 7 Operating system.

System Requirements

Blue Stack runs normally on the Windows 7 platform and it is a bit slower on PC’s and Netbooks with low hardware configurations. You just need to download the exe file and install it to play different Android based games at an incredible speed.

Blue Stack is soon to be launched for Mac systems. Initially, a pro version is to be launched which would be incorporated with some premium applications such as SliceIt, Cut The Rope, Nook, Defenderm Angry Birds, Townsmen, Evernote, and Fruit Ninja. Users will also be able to have access to Amazon, 1Mobile, GetJar to get hold of more Android games and applications within the App Player itself.

In addition, it also allows unlimited application installations with the pro version. For the moment, this happens to be one of the best possible solutions while you are considering running Android apps on a windows platform.

Upgraded Version  of Blue Stacks App

The application has been improvised a lot from its Alpha version that was originally made available, the beta version enables users to play all kinds of games even the graphic-intensive ones on your system, and for this we all should be thankful to the integrated hardware graphics acceleration.

By making use of the LayerCake technology, the beta version of the Blue Stack is essentially converting the ARM compatible Android applications to run on the x86 platforms and that also with greater efficiency. It makes use of the system’s graphic card to run all kind of graphic intensive games, application or replicates accelerometer input for the applications through the arrow or mouse interaction keys.

How To Do It?

You need to use the feature of Cloud Connect, launch the application and select all the required Android applications on your mobile that you are considering uploading on your system. Click over the Sync button which would be at the top of the interface, and wait until the application upload. You will be able to see all the uploaded applications in the Blue Stack application player on your system when you will launch the tool called as ‘’Get More Apps’

So rather than opting for a paid PC version, you are now required to get hold of the free Ad-supported Android based version and play it right on your system that supports Windows application software. You can download the latest version of the Blue Stack application from this link

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