Hardware Stays the Same, Tech Still Advances

Same Hardware, but changing technology!

Every year, new trends in technology are released that really dictate the way that we use various devices and communicate among other members of society. But there is a trend that you may have noticed – the hardware that supports the most commonly used devices have effectively remained the same for years. While minor tweaks are made, it is the software that causes technology to progress by leaps and bounds at such a rapid pace.

Look at the development of the iPhone since it was first released on the market. The size and weight of the phone has changed, along with the quality of the camera, and the resolution of the screen. While each change has resulted in positive evolution for the iPhone, those were not the most notable changes that compelled consumers to rush out and upgrade to the latest release.

Hardware inception and technology advancements

The technological developments that have encouraged users to try newer technology have included:

  • The availability of new and different applications on an ongoing basis (an increased catalog of software that improves the functioning of the device).
  • A focus on expanding applications from simply offering productivity to those that offer entertainment or useful services.
  • Software development that allows for visual connectivity, like video conferencing.
  • Improved use of graphics on visual applications that improves the quality of the experience.
  • Software programs that are capable of synchronizing with other household devices so that as a user you can automate your home.Same hardware but advanced technology

Of course, it is not just the iPhone that has experienced an evolution of development that is dependent upon software over hardware. Other mobile devices like Blackberries, Android phones, and tablets have also experienced far fewer hardware changes over the years, compared to their software developments. Palm pilots that were popular during previous decades featured similar hardware to today’s mobile devices which are far more feature-rich. Blackberry’s struggles with RIM have also been attributed to a lack of understanding that the hardware itself does not need to keep changing, provided software updates continue. As a result of this, they fell behind in the market as they introduced an insignificant number of software upgrades when compared to their competitors.

Technology keeps advancing but hardware remains

The benefit of this type of technological evolution – which relies upon software over hardware development –  is that developments can occur at an increased pace and meet the demands of consumers. It can take months and years to reinvent the wheel with a new device, or make significant changes to a working model, but software applications can be developed and improved with a decreased time and cost commitment. This better captures the attention of consumers who expect to see new technology on the market at frequent intervals.

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4 responses to “Hardware Stays the Same, Tech Still Advances”

  1. Webmaster Avatar

    Good post, its almost like comparing the frequency at which most people make changes to their overall home designs, versus how often they change minor interior decor to fit their moods from time to time.

    Once you manage to get the hardware right and have it accommodating to possible future software enhancements, then there really becomes no need to have to change the hardware so often, unless say for aesthetic purposes.

    It would however be very, very cool if they ever came out with a see through iphone.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Yea, its only the inner that really makes the device, the outside just changes design time to time. Thanks for commenting.

  2. umang Avatar

    Yes it is true hardware remains same technology upgraded. For example Galaxy Y and then came Galaxy Y Duos.

  3. Ravin Avatar

    Agreed. In country like India still assembling laptop or deskop is big unorganized business and they follow the same concept. They just get hardware right and run advanced software on it.

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