Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Vs Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

Ace Duos vs Tipo Dual

Two phones which are in the price range of Rs 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 and both support Dual SIM technology. Surprisingly in this segment, except for them there are no more handsets that have Dual SIM technology supporting them and the price too differing marginally, so it happens to turn out to be an interesting competition.

Samsung Galaxy Ace duos

The first contender is Sony which has recently unveiled its new Android dual SIM handset, calling it the Sony Xperia Tipo Dual. The phone has been priced at Rs. 10,290 in stores. The phone runs on the Android ICS OS which happens to be very user friendly with an option of dual SIM as well as a processor of 800 MHz. It is currently the biggest contender to Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, the dual sim phone from Samsung. Ace Duos price is at around Rs 11,900. Besides supporting dual SIM this phone runs on Android 2.3 a processor of 832 MHz and a 5 mp camera at its rear.    

Feel and Look and feel: Sony Xperia Tipo Dual looks sleek and has an innovative design. It has a thin bottom and sharp curves that give it a futuristic design. The display screen is 3.2 inches and the fitting of the screen to the metal strip gives the subtle design that speaks of its beauty. But on another side, the phone from Samsung looks very ordinary in terms of design and preferably is pretty stale. Though the screen is negligibly bigger with a 3.5 inches display screen unlike its competitor, it weighs 125 grams which is heavier than Sony Tipo by 26 grams.

Camera: The Sony Dual SIM phone has a rear camera of 3.15 megapixels whereas the Ace Duos’ camera is of 5 megapixels. 

The Operating System: The Sony Xperia comes with the Android 4.0.3 Ice-Cream Sandwich OS and is well known for the nature of its user friendliness. On the contrary, Galaxy Ace-Duos has the very stable Operating System, Android 2.3 which is also known as Gingerbread. Though the newer Operating System has some drawbacks attached to it such as it consumes more RAM as compared to its predecessor the 2.3 version putting up significant pressure on the memory of the smartphone. Though the Operating System in Tipo Dual is in-built and that guarantees the best Ice-Cream Sandwich performance available besides being the fastest and the latest among the two.

Performance and User-Interface: The Xperia Tipo has a Qualcomm Cortex-A5 MSM7225AA processor and clock speed of 800 MHz whereas the Galaxy Ace Duos has a Qualcomm MSM7627 ARMv6 processor with clock speed 832MHz. The Cortex-A5 is the more recent and advanced one which got launched by its makers in 2011, while the chipset that is found in the Samsung Galaxy goes way back into manufacturing in 2008. Having a more recent processor, the Tipo Dual turns out to be the faster one.

The user interface is another factor which seems to make a difference in usability. The Samsung phone has the TouchWiz interface whereas the Tipo Dual possesses the Timescape UI. When it comes to liking one of them, it varies from person to person as both have their own upsides and drawbacks. So it is completely subjective.Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

Just as a record, if you are a user who messages heavily, then go for Timescape as it presents all the SMS as well as messages obtained from various Social Networking Websites into a single page.

Battery: The Sony Tipo Dual has a Li-ion 1500 mAh battery which officially supports 6 hours of talktime on the 2G network while reducing to 5 hours on the 3G network. The Samsung Galaxy scores marginally with its 16 hours talktime on the 2G and six hours on the 3g with its Li-ion 1300 mAh battery. Clearly, Samsung outsmarts the Tipo Dual marginally with its battery performance. 

The Winner: The smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Ace-Duos scores more than the Sony smartphone with respect to the battery as well as having a better camera. But the Xperia Tipo-Dual looks and feels much better and lighter with a faster processor and more advanced Operating System. Also its price is comparatively cheaper than its rival by more than one and a half thousand.






2 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Vs Sony Xperia Tipo Dual”

  1. thiet ke noi that Avatar
    thiet ke noi that

    i liker samsung dous than sony tipo

  2. MNB Achari Avatar
    MNB Achari

    Both Ace duos and Tipo dual are good competitors. But Samsung is better for its wide screen and touchwiz user interface which is far better that Sony’s. Thanks for thepost

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