How To Save Your Pictures Online

If you have pictures that are very much important to you either on your computer, Smartphones, or in hard copy (printed photo) chances are that you may likely be looking for a place that is secured to save them to online for future purpose. And if after your search for a secured file hosting services on the internet and you didn’t see anyone that is available for your usage with your criteria, you will certainly feel terrified if you look at the state of those files(you measure how valuable they are to you) that you’re going to loose as a result of not getting it saved in a right place on the internet.Save your photos online

Gone are the time when people will be piling up pictures upon pictures in drawers, desks and many other places in the home, but now that everything has changed to the internet level, you don’t need to take photograph and save the hard-copy in your wardrobe anymore unless for reference, but instead, you can upload it to the internet for proper security to the file and to keep its high quality value.Online Pictures saving

Everything this days are one online, sharing, saving and many other things can be practice right on the internet.
Saving pictures online has lots of benefits, many find it hard to believe this, that is all about what they believe or what they don’t believe that has nothing to do with this post. Many people share one or two picture online on daily basis but do not know that they can make money from that photo that they  just save online instead of making money from it while also protecting it from damage, there are places on the internet where you can make money with your photo instead of just saving it online for reference purpose only. You can make a quite lot of money with your own picture if you have one. Company like shutter stocks pays royalties on picture that their users submit to them on weekly and monthly basis. If you can take that advantage by uploading your picture to their website server and if anybody use your picture either for online publication or any other thing, ShutterStock will pay you royalties on the picture as long as people, companies are making use of your photo on the site.

Where To Save My Pictures Online

Listed below are lists of websites that accept you to save your picture for future usage and others that accept you to make money with your picture.
1. 4shared: This website offers you 2omb of internet files saving space and you can also upgrade your package to a more better one after exhausting your data upload space limit. The benefit you get from this service is in the area of how your files is secured and the easy access that you have to it whenever you want it without wasting much time. This service is fully owned by Google and since we know that Google service is always at the peak of services, you can’t expect nothing less from them at all time (the service is awesome).

But, one thing that can make you to hate the 4SHARED service is the issue of data uploading limit. You can upload files as high as 20MB but, after that you wouldn’t be able to upload files until you upgrade with your credit card and get the full benefits of the service.

2. Blogger Picasa: Blogger is a blogging platform owned and operated by Google and they offer free web hosting and domain name service which can enables you to have your own branded sub-domain website in which you can upload all your pictures and other files like videos, music, and many other useful information about you. You can use this service as your own picture gallery or video gallery as the same by including your link in a message to your family members staying abroad and some other things like that.

3. Upload: I can’t say much about Upload.com because I once used this service before but, since I have been using 4shared I don’t have anything to do with them again but I recommend them for you because their service is also good as far as I’m concerned.

Special Note

But now that the internet is at hand and the continued use of fast speed internet connection is still in the wave; you will certainly find internet it easy to do this because uploading of  picture and videos files to and from the internet does requires good and stable internet connection and that is the reason why you need a goo internet connection such as broadband internet connection.


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