How To Secure Yourself and Loved ones from Hackers

Using the Internet securely is one of the ultimate dreams of all Internet users. There is nobody that will wish for himself to be hacked online, nobody want to loose data, money and personal properties to internet hijackers, there is none human being on earth that will wish all these for himself. You can be free from hackers if you know how to do it.

Internet is evolving everyday and that gives room for improvement on all security also. Today in this article, we will be talking more on how you can secure yourself from the hands of hackers. Here below are useful ways in which you can take to avoid internet hacker’s attack both online and offline.

Encrypted Cloud Storage Security

Don’t Use Un-Encrypted Wi-Fi Connection

Nothing good comes free, there’s nothing good in this life that will be hard for you to pay money to get. Trying to access another person’ wireless connection in order to get internet access is not a good habit but, unknown to you that as you’re involving yourself in this kind of act you are also, moving yourself closer to others that are ready to part-away with your information. This means that, the smarter you are when accessing other person’ wireless connection, the more vulnerable you are to hackers when the connection is unsecured. Many hotel and tee-break shops that you usually visit at your leisure time may be unsecured unless you check to know if it is or not. And this brings about this question: “How can someone know if a Wi-Fi connection is secured or unsecured?”By default configuration, if you are running your computer on Windows platform.

Windows operating system has the feature that usually informs its users whenever they want to access an unsecured connection anywhere. So, you just have to obey your computer advice whenever that message pops up on your computer screen.
But, before we go further, what is an unsecured wireless connection? -An unsecured network is a type of internet access that is not protected and has the ability to allow as many users as possible to connect to it without restricting anyone of them, and information sent out and received on this kind of connection can be seen by others (other users on the network or on the internet).

Personalize Your Computer To Prevent Others From Using It

What you need to do as a computer administrator in order to prevent un-authorized access is to personalise it. Make your computer system available for yourself to use at any point in time, nobody else should be given permission to use your computer when you are not aware.

Most of web browsers nowadays like Mozilla and IE (internet explorer) are programmed by default to store the user login of every individual browsing the internet through it. Mozilla Firefox for example is perfect in this aspect, it can help save all details you enter into the search bar of your favourite search engine, it can track-down your browsing history for future usage without you asking it to do so, and this can be an ice on the cake for someone who have access to your computer to tamper with your data. You should password-protect your computer so as to prevent others from using it without your consent.

In a situation where you discover that, it is impossible for you prevent others from using your computer either knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe, those people are very close to you and they might be thinking otherwise, what you should do in this situation is to create a different administrator account for them from your Windows’ user registration page.

To do this, click start on your computer screen and locate control panel, select user account, and click on create new user account. Fill in the details of the account and make sure not to use password for this account since there are many people that’s going to be using it. But one thing that you maker sure of doing is to put the account in limited account mode, by doing this, those people cannot be able to enter your own user account in order to tamper with your data. Look in the images below to see how you can create new user account for your guest so that it  can keep your computer save.

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