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Gone are the days when you’d have to beg friends or relatives to buy your old mobile phone from you. Even, there were phone shops then where people used to go to for selling their mobile phones, but, the price of selling phones there is relatively low when compared to the total value of the device in question. And the funny thing is, the guy who bought the phone from the seller will increase the price of the said phone in double of the amount the phone was bought from the original seller all because there was no competition from either parties when the negotiation was on.

People have faced a lot of challenges in the past when they’re selling their cell phones to others for profit because the reverse is always the case, they either end up selling lower than the actual price or not find the right person to sell to. But the story have changed with the existence of the Internet (WWW). People can now sell their mobile phone right from the comfort of their room with the power of the internet.

To let you know how people are struggling when selling their smart phones via offline method, I have a short story that happened to one of my guy recently share with you.

My friend, John Edget (one of our guest blogger here) bought one new smartphone from a popular smartphone selling store in the State for $200 (the phone is newly released brand). But, what makes me to mention this here is that, he had a bad time with his hosting company and he think it’d be nice for him to change over to other hosting company like HostGator. So, he called for help from the hosting company to help him restore his site and he found none. 

What else could he do, he decided to sell his brand new smartphone to raise money for new hostgator signup because this incident occurred when he does not really think something similar could have happened. He finally sold the phone to a State pal of his for $120 after a long negotiation process. But, something happened. 

After he released the phone to the buyer, the hosting company sent an email apologizing for the mistake done by one of their team member, the action which makes his website to be offline for more than 3 hours that day.

My friend need to return the money and get his phone back since he’s no more in need of the money – the hosting company have apologized with assurance such can never occurred again. But something strange happened again, the buyer is no more willing to let-go of the phone for the amount he paid to acquired it. He’s asking for $200 instead of $120 that he paid for the phone. That means, the guy he’s trying to rake in about $80 on one single deal without working or lifting a finger.
You too could be a victim if you don’t have the right place to sell your phone online. It means, my guy has lost $80 while selling his mobile phone. 

What a coincidence!

For you to avoid falling into such traps like this, I have a reputable company that I’ll recommend for you where you can sell your mobile phone for money.

If you want to sell used cell phones through the internet? Worry no more!

Introducing SellCell.com…

sellcell.com - the best mobile comparison, recycling website online
sellcell.com - #1 USA based best mobile comparison, recycling website online

SellCell.com  is #1 USA-based Mobile Phone Recycling website that makes it easier for people to recycle their mobile for money. It is a great website for mobile phones users to make money whenever they want to get rid of their old or new cell phones. If you have experienced challenges selling your mobile phones before, this time, no more!

You can now sell your mobile phone to people on bidding condition. People bid on the phone you wanted to sell and you choose to sell to the right bidder and not just selling to anyone. SellCell gives you the freedom to choose who you want to buy your device from you, and if you want, you can sell to the lowest bidder as well. If that is what you want! I know you won’t do that because you are selling to make money. 🙂

How to Make Deals Work for Your on SellCell.com

SellCell website has been designed to make it easier for people to transact better and receive payments. It is a secure site for anyone to transact business. So you have nothing to fear because everything on the site has been encrypted to avoid hackers and others from taking your money.

Visit SellCell Phone Price Comparison site for better understanding of their service. Note, you can also use the site to Recycle your Cell Phones for fast cash.

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