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What Are The Best SEO-Friendly Content Management Systems in 2018?

The online world witnesses a flurry of new websites every day. The decision to launch a business website comes naturally in today’s time. However, zeroing down on the appropriate CMS platform is a tough call as it requires hours of research and careful consideration. If you are planning to build your first website or restructure your old one, you must choose an SEO-friendly content management system that will not only give you the ease of developing a highly functional site but will also let you optimize it for search marketing right from the early stages of development! If you are a beginner, you must have countless questions. Let’s start with the fundamentals and move on to the more complex aspects!

What is a content management system?

SEO friendly content management system
What are the best seo-friendly content management system amongst the best out there that small scale and startup businesses can rely on in 2018?

Content management system, or simply put, a CMS is a computer application that is used to generate, manage and edit online content on a website. The applications aid people who are not experts in the same. Using these applications, you can create, publish and update content on your site without getting into complex coding. From the SEO perspective, a content management system can offer countless benefits or cause significant loss, depending on which one you choose for your needs. Furthermore, the best and widely used content management systems provide SEO centric features which can help you optimize your site for better ranking and performance.

The top three content management system platforms that you can consider

Today, there are several content management systems, each offering some unique features and functionalities. However, not all of them may be well-suited to serve your needs, which is why you need to select one carefully! Below is a list of top three content management system platforms that are used by the global business community including famous brands.

WordPress – popular and easy to use 

Conceptualized and created by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress came into existence in 2003. Widely used by individual bloggers and organizations, WordPress fulfills a host of development needs, and it has an impressive user base of 75 million and counting! About 39 million sites get hosted on a free wordpress.com domain as well. The CMS allows users a one-click installation. You can build a basic website in mere minutes. However, you would need some technical know-how to create a sophisticated site, packed with functionalities.

To optimize your site for high search engine ranking, you can opt for the WordPress SEO Plug-ins that are easily available. You can also choose from a range of themes that will enable you to make your site mobile-ready and SEO-friendly. Though the platform itself offers a ton of optimization benefits, you will need to implement them into your site for the best results. You must also keep up with regular site maintenance and updates. If you are pressed for time, the best idea would be to hire an SEO consulting services to help you make your site rank better in the SERPs.

Wordpress Is The Best content management system
Still leading the pack! WordPress content management system controls the largest share of internet web usage and it is the go-to CMS for beginners and amateurs trying to get the job done really fast. | CC:- TECHATLAST INTERNATIONAL

Magento – eCommerce development made easy 

Though Magento gets used immensely as a shopping cart, it is a fantastic CMS too. It is best described as a quick developing e-commerce script. It is also an open source content management system using Zend PHP and MySQL database. Conceptualized and created by Varien Inc, Magento started operating since 2015. If you have been mulling over having an online store, Magento is the name for you! Developed primarily for e-commerce, this CMS is packed with online selling, payment, customer, inventory and a loyalty management suite. Magento efficiently helps your business grow by running several stores seamlessly.

Every e-commerce platform needs to address the aspect of security. As a content management system, Magento qualifies in that area as per the international benchmark for online payment security. It also meets the 14 key protection criteria and is declared a highly secured platform.

The platform has inbuilt SEO-friendly qualities. Thus, the users do not have to work extra to enhance the on-page SEO of the site. The only crucial thing is to allow URL rewriting. Furthermore, Magento allows you to edit meta tags for separate pages. Changing HTML in Magento is not possible, which at times, is an SEO requirement. However, all in all, Magento is a smart CMS to opt for if you want to optimize your online business site for better SEO.

E-commerce Magento developers
One of the good attributes that Magento content management system have is enhanced security protocols checkmated. This CMS meets up with the international benchmark for online payment security.

Joomla – The second most popular CMS

Released in 2003, Joomla is the second most prominent CMS system around the globe, and it ranks right after WordPress. Almost 2.8 million sites are active on this CMS. Expert website designers describe Joomla as the intersection ground of new age Drupal and simple WordPress. It offers the best of both worlds. One click and you can have it installed within 10 minutes. There are multiple extensions available for online businesses that enable product and content management in one place.

Joomla provides five extensions, namely plug-ins, languages, templates, modules, and components to users to enhance the site content. Its engine can sustain massive and steady traffic. However, you would need to take appropriate measures to make it happen. New users might require some assistance when working with Joomla, but they will soon find it to be as SEO-friendly as WordPress. The on-site optimization processes might appear complicated to an amateur. However, there is always help available. As for the ace users of Joomla, they will find this CMS simple to micro-manage because of the multiple plug-ins and modules.

CMS Joomla Content Management System
Some of the best things in life are free and Joomla CMS is no exception. It comes as one of the best content management system with enhanced capabilities, thanks to its open-source status. | CC:- TECHATLAST INTERNATIONAL

Why is a content management system important? 

New entrepreneurs and business owners often wonder why they have to use a content management system to launch their website. There can be several perplexing theories supporting this. However, to simplify all facts and reasoning, here are four useful reasons to count on.

A decent CMS helps to:

  • Maximized efficiency – With a CMS, you can have your website and web pages developed fast.
  • Simple data search for the users – New content can be automatically indexed and is found immediately when a user searches for it.
  • Improved search engine ranks – Using a CMS, you can keep website content fresh, and welcome external actions like forums and comments. It helps to improve the search engine ranks.
  • Be mobile ready – Most advanced CMSs today provide mobile optimization techniques, which is a crucial SEO criterion as well.

Your website is a valuable reference point for your brand and its reputation! Users are attracted or repelled by the way a site is structured. A CMS is both user and SEO-friendly. It has the element of “personal touch” that draws in more online viewers to click on the site. Getting to know about these three advanced and modern content management systems to design your website is an excellent place to start.

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