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SEO Tips – Factors that affect your Search Engine Ranking

There are several factors affecting Search Engine Ranking which are  very important for a blogger and gradually for SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization. As, SEO contributes 70% of blog’s traffic. So,  A site with higher Search Engine Rank will easily be able to attract higher traffic as the main source of traffic for a blog has been the Search Engines. So, It is necessary for us to know that what affects our Search Engine Rankings. However, Today  I will tell you about the various parameters that matter to Google while it ranks the sites it its search engine results.

(1.) External Links

The number of sites linking towards your site plays a major factor of your Search Engine Rankings.  However, try to focus on high quality links rather than quality links.  If you are getting about two-three backlinks from PR6 and PR7 blogs. Then these two-three backlinks are more valuable then hundreds of backlinks from PR1 or PR2 blogs.  So always try to get backlinks from high PR blogs. Commenting and  guest posting on High PR blogs will also work for you. Never Exchange links from bad neighborhood, that is blogs that have irrelevant content or copied content on their site. So be careful while exchanging links with other sites.

(2.)Domain Age

Google loves aged domains that have been used from years. These aged domains are much trusted in the eyes of google and as such it gains a lot of value from it. These aged domains have backlinks with other aged domains. In such a manner, these aged domains have much authority in the eyes of google. If you are about to purchase an aged domain to begin a successful blog, then just ensure that that domain has never been blacklisted previously by google or some sort of that can trouble you. Also, it is found that most blogs that have been for a few years in the blogosphere  have higher search engine ranks. A better example of website that is very old is Amit Agarwal’s blog.

(3.)Frequency of Posting

The frequency at which you deliver posts on your blogs matters a lot. Try to update your blog regularly. Google adds value to those sites who update their blog regularly. However, Updated blog regularly is useless if you are posting copied content. Always post a unique  content. Overall, Post regularly and post unique content to improve your search engine rankings.

(4.)Content is King

The content is predicted to be the King of all factors to improve Search Engine Rankings.  It does not matter how much you work hard in link building,commenting on other blogs,promoting your blog,etc. these and some other things of such are useless if you do not have original content on your blog. You will start getting traffic from search engine anonymously if you have quality content on your blog that is original.
Overall, have a solid content on your blog to improve your search engine rankings.

(5.)Bounce Rate

If you have a high bounce rate, then this may also affect your Search Engine Ranking.  So,What is Bounce Rate????

According to Google, Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits towards one’s blog!! It means that a visitor just visits your blog and closes it at the entrance page only without looking at other contents.You can check your blog’s bounce rate in Google analytics page.  If your blog’s bounce rate is high, then you do not need to panic,you just need to work a little hard and take appropriate measures to tackle it as there are many ways to reduce one’s blog’s bounce rate.

(6.)Broken Links

This is another factor affecting Search Engine Rankings. You should try to have zero broken links for your blog.
Check your blog’s broken links here-http://www.iwebtool.com/broken_link_checker
Here, you will get the complete lists of the broken links on your blog.
And you can fix them.

(7.)Page Load Time

This is the latest parameter introduced by google affecting Search Engine Rankings. Though this will not cause a major shift to the Search Ranking Algorithm of google but yet bloggers need to work on it.  It is important that your blog’s loading time should be low. If you are having a high loading time on your blog, then you need to work on it as there are a lot of tweaks around the web to use in order to decrease your blog’s loading time.

So, I told you about the parameters affecting your Search Engine Ranking!!! I hope these were useful to you!!! There are lot more that we are not aware of!!

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Kuldeep Khatrihttp://www.cooltricks.in
Kuldeep Khatri is a 13-year old guy who is a Student by Force, Internet User by Addiction and Blogger by Passion. Well, he mainly writes on Cool Tricks !!! So, I hope you will like his work!!!

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  1. Nice article. You have explained well about the SE needs and used many external links in the article. This is cool 😉 nice one.

  2. Very interesting article. Amazing how frequency of posting has plays such a high factor. I suppose google and co are looking for constantly updated material not dead blogs to lead the way. Great points Kuldeep

  3. Hi
    All points are related to ON site here.So I would like to add one point from link building.In link building one most important term is quality.Mostly link builders don’t take care quality and they only go for quantity.So always care about quality and relevancy of backlinks.


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