How to Send Google Plus Posts To Twitter Automatically

Google plus is the new thing that is making waves in the internet world of social networking and many people are making use of the platform to make money online while others don’t even know how to move from here to there in order to make money from the site. As the service is available for few amount of people due to limitation that was placed on the service by the Google team, that alone makes it more difficult for just anybody to have access to the service unless one of your friends send you an invitation to join you can get yourself in. Wait, if you haven’t got access to the service, I will give you free access here for free, send me an email from contact us page and I will add you immediately.

Apart from getting access to the service, you will want to share most of your website’s link on the platform for your friend to read and that will get you more traffic to your website too which is another backlinks generation technique for your website. To share our post on Google+, it is only visible for all your Google plus friends but if you want to share your post with all your friends on other social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter, how can you do that? I will explain that here below.

Since we all know that Google doesn’t have an API to allow us to share our post on most of the social networking sites that we know, we need an external services that we can use to make things happen for ourselves and that is why I want to show you this awesome freemium service that can allow you to send latest post on google plus to twitter wall easily.

How to do it

  • Go to ManageFlitter and signup for the service just by using the Twitter’s authentication setting to share your twitter account with the manage flitter service (secure) and it will ask you to login to your twitter account, please do so and then next to the following page.
  • The next thing to do after that is to click on this  link. So the next page that the link will send you to is the place where you will be able to add your Google+ link to so that you can begin sending Google plus posts to twitter easily. See image below. If you want to know how to get your own, Google plus username, just look up to the address bar of your browser and you will see something like the one below here. You can also short that link to make it look more professional.

Immediately when you finish the steps above, your Google plus post will starts to show on your twitter page without you doing anything and all the links to the site will also be in the tweet and that’s another technique to keep yourself updated on the world of social networking sites where people are looking for more contents from you and that can also save you more time too.

Please do share this post on social site because that is the best way to keep my blog doing well and even being able to serve you better for a very long time.

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