Shutterstock Global Design Trends 2011 Infographic

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Shutterstock, after its 8 years existence in the image business, the company have a total of 17 million images with over 200 million downloads – isn’t that amazing?

Shutterstock over 8 years has become one of the best and world’s leading market places for the best visual media.

According to the infographic, the company have artists and photographers from different countries of the world, numbering more than 100 countries, and have paying customers in more than 150 countries of the world.

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The site experiences on daily basis tens of thousands image searches from users which means people are visiting the site to download one or two images on regular basis. And that alone creates a medium for them to become the leader in knowing the trendy things around the world pertaining to images.

From a vintage-themed photographs to vibrant vector graphics, here is an infographic photo detailing what visual stories were told throughout the last year.

Shutter Stock Infographic

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