5 Major Benefits of SIP Trunking Services

Business communication systems based on the Session Initiation Protocol have been around for quite some time. The cloud has completely transformed the way companies conduct business and communicate with each other.

Organisations benefit from gamma SIP trunks to connect their offices directly into the trunk provider’s network via an IP connection as these solutions have proven to be cost-effective, easy to upgrade and reliable.

Here are the major business benefits of using SIP trunking services today.

Why SIP Trunking Services?

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Lower connectivity costs

Most businesses initially concentrate on the possibility to reduce communication costs, when considering cloud services. SIP trunking services are the key to cloud based telecoms. A few recent examples show that SIP trunking helps considerably reduce call costs. In comparison with using ISDN, a multi-site business can benefit from up to 60% lower bills due to free site-to-site SIP calls.

Companies that have already been using the cloud for other services can benefit from reduced Public Switched Telephone Network call costs.

Free international calls

For businesses presented worldwide, free international calls can save a fortune. SIP trunking solutions allow flexible call termination to required providers so international calls can be made for the cost of local calls.

Increased flexibility

SIP trunking services are irreplaceable when moving offices or working on the go due to their flexibility.  Geographically remote employees as well as workers that move around the company are still connected to their networks as calls are routed to the required location. This brings an immediate advantage in case of an emergency, when forced to change locations quickly.

ISDN line rationalisation

SIP trunk providers offer ISDN line rationalisation services, which means reducing the number of your PBXs without sacrificing existing telephone numbers. It’s possible to combine several offices into a single business site if necessary, or provide connectivity for specialists working from home.

Make up your mind

Though some businesses are not rushing to switch, many have already moved their services to the cloud. SIP replaces traditional ISDN with a cheaper and more reliable connection to the Internet. Experts forecast that companies are likely to move away from the PBX and ISDN platforms after they experience the benefits SIP based telecoms provide.

What can you say about these SIP trunking services benefits? Do you think the world would surely switch to SIP trunking services provided by service providers in leau of the common and traditional ISDN services? Please share your views!

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