Siri Makes another Blunder Again – Tells Little Boy to ‘Shut the F— Up,’ Calls Him ‘Ugly’

This time when we thought Siri’s problems might have been solved are many other issues arising. The latest glitch a boy encountered with Siri might even turn this iPhone 4S personal assistant something else. Siri thought the boy was named “Shut the f— up, you ugly t—“, and it replied the boy that way.Iphone 4S Siri assistant

As a statement by MSBC, it reads:

Siri probably thought the boy’s name was “Shut the f— up, you ugly t—.”

If we’re to believed the report from The Sun, a demo unit of the iPhone 4S has caught fire by telling a 12-year-old child by name, Charlie Le Quesne to “Shut the f— up, you ugly t—.”

Charlie was said to have asked Siri “How many people are there in the world?” and the answer he got from the personal help giant for the iPhone 4S device amazed the boy.

After the incident, the boy and his mother and their manager, asked the demo iPhone 4S device the same question and got the same answer back again from Siri. And immediately they noticed that the demo is making some blunders, they returned it back to Apple for “diagnostic tests.”

The negative answers was believed to have stemmed from Siri thinking that the questioner’s name was “Shut the f— up, you ugly t—.”

All of this event happened at a U.K. Tesco supermarket. And it is worth noting that on normal U.K. iPhones, Siri’s default voice is like that of a male and not like that one in the U.S which is female-like.

MSBC contributed to this article.

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