A-Z Reasons for Slow Internet Load Times – What You Need to Know Now or NEVER!

What usually caused Slow Internet Load Times and WHY?

We live in an Internet-centric world – after all, most of what we do is related to the Internet. Businesses create strategies to become more relevant online; we do our shopping, or travel plans and our networking online. And these are just a couple of examples of what happens thanks to the online world.

On the other hand, we have become more and more dependent of high-speed Internet connections. It’s not like dial-up cuts it for any of us anymore – we want to stream TV shows or even movies or listen to online radio.

How do Slow Internet Load Times Occurred?

A second interesting fact is that we become more and more accustomed to using wireless products – tablets, phones and laptops for our online endeavors. To learn about wireless internet, visit  – it might help shed more light on how wireless products work and how we get connected so easily.

Nevertheless, wireless Internet has its perks – for example, people might experience slow internet load times and unfortunately, with wireless internet, it’s not an easy thing to deal with.

1.) Understanding Bandwidth

First of all, the entire internet traffic that can get to your device in a certain amount of time is called bandwidth.

Now, in theory, there are two types of bandwidth – that destined for uploading data (for example, sending web page requests or actually uploading stuff) and downloading data (the return for those requests, like your Facebook page appearing in front of you, or streaming a lovely video).

The issue is, in wireless internet, there’s only one type of connection that can occur at one time – it’s either upload or download. This means that if upload is slow, download will seem even slower and it will take forever before you load everything you want to see.

2.) Understanding Wireless Technologies

If you haven’t visited the web page about wireless yet – here’s an interesting fact – wireless technologies will never be as fast as wired technologies. For the time being, wireless internet speed remain at half or even less compared to wired speed. But that shouldn’t be that big of an issue – provided you don’t share that connection with other devices.

Think about it – in coffeshops and Internet cafes one ends up sharing that same internet connection with everyone out there. The same bandwidth split for more than one device means that apart from the fact that wireless is slow from the beginning, it’s even slower when more people connect to that wireless access point.

3.) Speeding Up Load Times

Now, this might not be an easy task to achieve – but there are a series of applications and browser extensions that might help with this particular issue. Applications that help optimize a Wi-Fi connections have shown beautiful results on both Macs and PCs.How can we contain Slow internet speed?

Sadly, there are far less options for smaller portable devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. On the other hand, there are changes that can be done within the network infrastructure to improve the quality of the signal, thus speeding up load times for everyone that has connected to that particular network.

So, what are the other ways that you think your home network could be improved upon from the current internet slow load times? Would you mind sharing those with us here? I await them 🙂

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