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How to turn your Smartphone to a Home Security Assistant

One of the greatest good you can do for your family and home is to provide adequate security; theft, burglary and robbery are common occurrence in almost every residential neighborhood. Local security agents are not supermen; they could have been able to curtail home security problems 100 percent. Hiring highly trained and experienced security personnel specifically for your small home may eat up the whole monthly budget.

Home security

Do you know your Smartphone can become a personal home security assistant?

Your tablet and Smartphone is good enough to do the job. Just set up a few tweaking with some apps installation and other small gadget link-ups, and your home is totally secured.

There are a lot of apps that can connect your Smartphone to other security gadgets to give you the optimum safety you and your family deserve.

Different ways a Smartphone can serve the home security purpose

Video Surveillance Solution

Mobile apps such as Net Eye Camera, CCTV Mobile and WatchDoing can work with IP cameras, CCTV, Network video recorder (NVR), webcam, digital video recorder (DVR) and other video surveillance gadget to generate video images of intended security perimeters where the cameras are placed.

Robert narrated how burglars where caught with IP Cam viewer for iOS and Android

“He was at his desk in the office when he just took a glance on his iPod touch where he usually watches the four cameras he placed at home, noticing some strange movement in his house and a strange and unfamiliar car at his driveway; he quickly called his son if it was him and friends. Finding out his son was still fast asleep on bed, he immediately called 911 to report, and before you know it, a security van got to his place and the two burglars got busted.”

Example: How to set up iCamViewer iPhone App

The iCamViewer for iPhone is compatible with different models of iP Cameras.

Instruction: Connect a CCTV camera which is an analog camera with a video server to turn the signal to digital, and then proceed to these steps:

1. Connect your video server or camera to your network; use the IP detection software to locate the cameras on your network.

2. Assign your IP Camera or server network IP address. This instruction usually comes with individual camera. This will connect your camera automatically to your network.

3. Now, download and install the iCamViewer on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

4. Launch the app on your device, tap on the “viewer” icon on the main navigation at the bottom and then tap on the “gear-like” icon at the upper left of the screen view.

Smartphone home security

5. It will open the “Configure Camera” screen; fill all fields for your camera. In the “Name,” enter a value such that you can identify this camera and then tap “Done”

Smartphhone home security system

6. After all the configuration fields has successfully been entered and the check box clicked, your live camera view will come up, If the camera image size is much smaller, close and open the iCamviewer again, and the image should be back to normal.

Smartphone as home security assistant

7. To add more cameras, tap the “plus” button and repeat step 5.

Image Credit: cctvcamerapros.com

Camera view settings are there on your screen, you can watch either in grid or full screen.

Security and Fire Alarm System

MobileAlarm and iSmartAlarm are gadgets with Smartphone apps that help you prevent burglary.

The iSmartAlarm is a 2 in 1 gadget;

CubeOne is a 4-inch cube featuring connecting ports for Ethernet Cable and power supply. The gadget emits ‘Panic Alarm’ that sounds exactly kike the 110 decibel car alarm going off inside the house. No more feelings of danger of break-in when you are sleeping.

The other is the iCamera, a wireless security camera that can rotate 350 degrees viewing angle. It can be mounted to hang on at the ceiling, but must be within a 100 feet range to your router. Unfortunately, the camera can’t be purchased separately but a part of the package.

Setup and Installation

1. The iSmartAlarm is just a plug and play device; power the CubeOne and link it to your router. A red light on the top of the device will breathe and turn white and in about two minutes it will start flashing white light slowly. Your security alarm is on.

iSmartAlarm for home security

2. Download the iSmartAlarm app on your Android or iOS device only for now, create an account. Your phone must be connected to the same WiFi with the CubeOne box in your set up. You will require entering an email and phone number in the set up because when alarm goes off, a robo-call will be initiated to the phone number you entered. You can enter up to five numbers, in case the first person doesn’t pick, it will move to calling the rest.

iSmartAlarm application for home security

Image Credit: ismartalarm.com

3. The app as it is designed will then guide you step by step to set up each active peripheral device.

4. Finally plug the camera to the wall outlet and connect it to the CubeOne through the Ethernet port. You can also use the camera wirelessly.


Other ways Smartphone can serve home security includes;

Remote door lock; Lockitron is very good at that, and fire outbreak systems which notify you with calls, SMS and alarms whenever there is a change in temperature.

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