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News: SmilesTrain reaches 1million Smilestone, David Letterman retires, Microsoft XP support extended in the UK…

Yoo! We’re back again today for the tech news updates. Today, I will be brief because we want to do some upgrade on the site back-end. Here we go..

Today in Tech History

April 3, 1966

The first space craft orbits round the Moon, it is called Luna 10. It was launched from Earth orbiting platform by the USSR on March 31, 1966. The project was launched by the USSR from an Earth orbiting platform on March 31, 1966 and the mission ended on April 3rd.

Charitable Causes:

SmilesTrain.org reaches 1million Smilestone while promising more smiles to children living with cleft worldwide. The NGO is among TechAtLast International partners in charitable causes. It is because we have a strong belief in these childrens – they are the future of this beautiful earth, if given the chance to live well, they’ll change the face of this earth.

We need to leave a good children for our earth, and not majorly good earth for our children (that many people believes in).

Please head over to #SmileGraph to check the rest of this smilestone.

SmileTrain reaches a #SMILESTONE of 1 Million

Technology News Updates:

Evernote is quietly playing the notepad destroyer role well. See why I said so here. https://t.co/9kxdIw6aN9″

President Barack Obama has more reasons why David Letterman will be missed. 33 years of late night TV hosting isn’t an uneasy task – other high-ranking journalists out there will resonate with this. Kudos to the rave man of the moment, David Letterman – gracias!

President Barack Obama has more reasons why David Letterman will be missed

Microsoft unified code base for developers. This alone will affect productivity and ease of use for users of its operating systems https://t.co/fhIRMW4wsr

Google’s Nest sales paused due to smoke alarm fault on the device. What a smart move to win the heart of customers?

Climate Change Extra:

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says “much heavy lifting” required by all in order to prevent impacts of climate change at #Climate2014 which took place in Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels. He’s calling on all and sundry to tackle the phenomenon now before it is too late.

“From the tropics to the poles, from small islands to large continents, and from the poorest countries to the wealthiest, the ominous signs of climate change are profoundly visible.”

While making his aims known, he share what seems to be his goal for the world:

“My objective has been to impress on Member States, the world of business and the public at large that climate change is an obstacle to the future security, prosperity and sustainable development of humankind,” via @UN.

Government has paid Microsoft £5.5m to extend Windows XP support because of the health care industry’s high dependency on the software version. With this deal, Microsoft will be offering tech support and fixes to all UK public sector for the next 12 months. In the meantime, the commercial support for the operating system will end on 8th of April 2014. It is basically for “critical” and “important” issues. Telegraph.co.uk reports.

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Till I come back tomorrow to bring you the features from all around the web, Stay healthy, stay in the know!

Olawale Daniel

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