Let it Snow Google Trick – Google Gives you the Perfect Xmas Gift

Let it Snow Google is a trick provided by Google for its users to use in this yuletide season for tricking their friends. Apart from other Google.com tricks that have been in existence for awhile, this new trick amazes me when I checked it as well. It is a great trick for showing Snows falling from the sky when you are using Google to search for  information. The snow will begin immediately you entered a keyword into the Google search box without any quote before and after it.

Before, there are many other Google Tricks like this one my friend Shiva Chettri of Netchunks wrote. The new trick I’m talking about is quite different from the one I’m about to tell you in case you’ve not heard of it before.

Let it Snow Google Trick – What is it all about?

This trick works in a perfect way that will amaze you just like me. Just type in Google Search box the keyword without a quote and everything will start bubbling your computer screen.

How Let it Snow works?

  • Go to Google.com
  • And when you get there, use the search box and type this awesome keyword and you will begin to see snow falling on your computer screen.
  • Type Let it Snow on Google search box and immediately, the snow will begin falling and you can also defrost once you are done with the trick.

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