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Reasons – Why do People Engage in Software Piracy? – infographic

People do engage in software piracy for one main popular reason, to make money but many do not know the repercussion of doing such things. Even some people don’t even know whether it is good to do piracy or not and the infographic below will give you an idea of reasons people do software piracy and why you should not follow suit.

Software pirates are one of the dangerous enemies to all software brands all over the world. Some companies are out of business due to piracy issue because they have lost patronage. Since people that are buying from them can also get it online free or for a cheaper price, why will they bother to pay a hefty amount to get it?

On the internet as at today, there are millions of website where you can download a cracked version of software’s that costs nothing less than $100 free without the need to pay a kobo for it.

Software piracy is danger to software business success and for individual software makers. They stands to lose a lot of goods along the process. Torrentz sites do contribute mostly to the ugly trends of software piracy because that is the best place where you can download anything about software’s on daily basis for free or cheap bucks. Even there was a time when there are over 5000 people who are sued for software piracy issue about three months ago, and this trends is on the rise everyday.

This infographic is about showing what software piracy is all about. It is about how it works.

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Software Piracy – what do you know about it?

Why do People Engage in Software Piracy?

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