Sponsor Techatlast for Official 2012 First Anniversary Giveaway

Support Techatlast Official 2012 Anniversary Contest and Giveaways

Have you been following Techatlast for the past few months now? If yes, you might have likely notice that we do normally host a series of contest on this blog due to the fact that:

  • We love our readers
  • We love to give back something to our readers
  • Giving is all about caring for others and,
  • We don’t belive in “I live my live because God bless me and nothing concerns me about others.” But we believe that sharing is truly caring!

Over the year since the establishment of this technology blog, techatlast, we’ve been providing awesome guides and tips to help everyone visiting here to have something that can make the time spent here a wonderful experience. We do this because we believe in this two great men words which says;

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving” – Albert Einstein

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” – Anthony Robbins

be our sponsor by sponsoring usSo, what are we trying to say here?

Techatlast really need your support to help us to fulfil destiny which we believe with your support and the help of God almighty – it is can achieved. It is a lifelong dream for me that this blog become the best in the area of sharing and giving all over the world among all other top technology blogs.

What Exactly is that?

Techatlast Official 2012 Contest and Anniversary Giveaway is around the corner the way and we need you to support this project with everything you have in power to support this because we belive you are the one who Can!

What we want from your side

We need you to only “give” whatsoever you think you can afford to support this giveaway so that we can give something meaningful to some group of peoples that wants to participate. The category of gifts we want to give away at the end of the contest are listed below and you can choose the one you know you are capable of providing;

Mobile Gadgets: Android powered Phones such as HTC, Samsung Galaxy’s, and other Android powered devices. We also want to offer Apple’s iPhone devices such as iPhone 4S, iPad or iPod Touch. And last but not the least in the category of mobile gadgets, if your company deals in blackberry’s product sales or you can offer any of RIM’s Blackberry phones – you are welcome.

Electronics: New age TVs, OLED TV;s and other useful electronics gadgets.

Computing Gadgets: Brand new Laptop computers of any brand, netbooks, NoteBook, ChromeBook and some other small PC’s.

Tablets: Brand new Amazon Kindle Fire, HP TouchPad, Apple iPad, Ultrabooks, Akash Tablet, Tab Top PC, and others.

Services: Free subscription to services for a duration of 1-10 months like free web hosting service or software subscription (if your company offer subscription services that you know will surely benefit the participants of this contest, you can also notify us of this and we’ll add the service to the giveaway – so far it meets the guidelines for the contest).

Benefits of Supporting the Contest – What You Get Afterward

Free Ad Placement

Do you want free banner or link text advertisement here? Then join our contest sponsor team and you are going to enjoy the benefit of free banner or link text ad placement here for the duration of full three months without paying a single penny (100% free!)

Free Review of your product & service

Each sponsors of this great contest will get one handy reviews from me personally like the one here where I wrote a review on Ucoz website builder CMS. I will take much of my time to conduct research about your services, how good it is performing in the market, what users says about it. I will make sure that the review covers the basic information about your services and the product your company offers so that you can gain the trusts of the readers of the review and thereby increase your sales.

Free Reviews of your services on each participant’s websites

This technique alone is certain that it will help you build more backlinks to your website for a more rewarding marketing efforts – that’s a free will marketing technique for your company this new year.

Each of the participants would have to review your business on their respective blogs by dropping a line of text with a dofollow link to your website which will certainly help you get more search engine position because it is mandatory for them before they can win in the contest. At least, each participants will write a genuine line of review on your product or service which will certainly help you get more sales and exposure.

The total number of the participants will determine how many reviews and links you are going to get – more backlinks means more traffic from SERP and you are going to get all of ’em for free.

And we’re very sure of having more than 200 people on board for this contest, which means you have high opportunity of getting the best of this contest – more backlinks, more exposure, more sales and more search engine traffic and what next – more results till the end of the year!

How Many Sponsors Slot needed?

Only 10 sponsoring companies or individuals are needed!

Don’t let that surprise you, we only have fifteen spots that we want to give out for interested sponsors and out of those spaces, 2 have already been booked by early birds.

The number is very few because we want transparency and having more than we needed wouldn’t help in this situation (only 10+ gifts with only 10 sponsors but with many contest participants is the magic).



Rules, there’s have rules and regulations

Your contribution shouldn’t be lesser than $100 if you want to enjoy most of the benefits mentioned above we believe you’re capable of participating in sharing what you have with our readers and also help your business move to another greater height.

To Support Techatlast Contest: Please use the form below in telling us of what you are willing to do and we shall discuss better on how to go about it better or better still, you can use contact us page form.



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