Up Your Game with State-of-the-Art Software

It takes hardware to build a computer and to control it, but what about programs installed on the computer itself? You might be only thinking about the next game you’re going to install, but you might want to think about what you’re putting on your rig.

Let us tell you about some useful software that will enhance your gaming experience. Computers can be confusing at the best of times, so if you’re looking to wring every last drop of performance from yours then we’ve got some suggestions that will work for you. Many of these bits of advice will even be useful for those who aren’t gamers but want a beefier computer without an expensive upgrade.

The first thing that you should do is ensure your monitor is calibrated correctly – after all, that’s where you’ll be watching all the action from. To make sure you have the right brightness, contrast and colour balance, there are some pieces of software to help you. The first is a simple website: displaycalibration.com, which gives you some constant, definitive examples of colours and shades to assist those who want to calibrate manually. If you’re looking for a professional level of calibration then tools like Calman RGB will give you the truest results possible. This level of calibration comes at a price – you will need to purchase a colorimeter alongside the program itself.

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Now let’s move on to something gamers are very familiar with: graphics cards. A lot of time is spent by gamers ensuring their games look the best and perform well, but there are programs out there that can help with this. These are split between the two big graphics card companies: for those with Nvidia cards download GeForce Experience and for AMD pick up Gaming Evolved. Not only will these programs keep your drivers and other software up to date but they also auto-calibrate each game’s settings. You can even tweak how it calibrates games, so if you’re looking for a quick experience you can gear it more towards performance instead of graphics. Use these tools to get the performance you truly want from your games, whether that’s raw graphical power or quick responsiveness.

A gaming mouse is essential and these can be bought from ebay’s website. Once you’ve set this up and you’re all calibrated, what’s next? Think about communication while gaming. Many among us may be happy using popular programs like Skype to chat, but there is an alternative that many of the pros use. Ventrilo is a humble little program that’s there for the simple reason of voice and text chat. Because it’s such a small and stripped-out program it won’t eat away at your resources, keeping your games running smoothly while you talk about your battle plan. It’s been popular since the days of Windows XP – which does show in its user interface – but that history means it has learnt a lot of lessons in running smoothly and efficiently.

As a gamer, do you have some highly efficient gaming gadgets you use regularly which are not mention in this post? I’d have love to have them so I can try them out myself.

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