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Staying At Home – Top 5 Gadgets To Make Self Isolation A Little Easier

Staying at home right now is essential, but it’s not always that fun in self-isolation, especially in a novel Covid-19 outbreak situation like this. All over the world, staying at home has been prescribed as one of the best curative ways to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. To maintain a proper self-isolation period without breaking the protocol of not leaving your home, you need something to alternate the plenty of idle hours at your disposal.

To help you pass the time, technology expert, MyMemory, has put together a list of 5 gadgets that will make self-isolating a little more enjoyable for you in this pandemic.

Staying At Home: Gadgets That Makes Self-Isolation Easier

Staying At Home - Here are gadgets that makes self-isolation easier

Smart Speakers

Google Nest Mini is a perfect addition to any home in a time like this. It gives you the ability to get help from across the room, using nothing but your voice. Hear your personalized schedule, set timers or reminders, and even control your smart home devices! Guaranteed to make your life easier.


The lack of contact with family and friends can be extremely difficult, especially for those who live alone or have vulnerable family members, so why not keep in touch with your loved ones via webcam? A Logitech B525 HD Webcam not only has an autofocus feature and HD 720p video calling, but it also has a built-in microphone meaning that you don’t have to buy one separately.

Staying at Home - Use Logitech B525 HD Webcam For Video Conferencing
In staying at home, you need a very high-quality webcam for video conferencing and recording. This is where Logitech B525 HD webcam comes handy.

Fitness Trackers

Staying at home doesn’t have to impact your daily exercise goals. The Huawei HONOR Band 5 is the ultimate fitness watch, with a continuous heart rate monitor, sleep analysis features and a high-level tracker with personal recommendations to keep you moving.

Use Huawei HONOR Band 5 Smartwatch In This Self-Isolation To Stay Healthy
With Huawei HONOR Band 5, you don’t have an excuse for self-isolating yourself during this Covid-19 outbreak. In fact, you need as much immune system as you can get to keep your body in check.


What better time to catch up on all your favorite TV programs than when spending your evenings indoors? Google’s Chromecast allows you to turn any TV into a smart TV, and stream television, music, films and even games with a click of a button. It’s compatible with any smartphone, iPhone or Android and can even work with your Google Home for hands-free control.

Chromecast stream on
Do you wish to stream movies from some of the popular movie streaming platforms like Netflix without restrictions? With Chromecast from Google, you can enjoy this period of self-isolation simply by turning your TV into a smart TV.

Gaming Consoles

Why not kill a few hours in the evenings by playing a game, either alone or with friends? The Xbox One S features 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K streaming and HDR graphics – your gaming experience has never been better! Whether you’re a solo gamer, or you’re using multiplayer as a way to bond with your family, the Xbox One S will keep you entertained for hours.

Xbox One S
Killing boredom, especially during this self-isolation period, gaming console like Xbox One S has answers to your questions.

Mobile Games

Another way to kill the boredom while staying at home is through your mobile smartphone. You can start playing mind boosting games. There are loads of interesting mobile games out there that help in boosting one’s emotional state. Sometimes ago, I wrote about best mind games that can help you improve your memory including Lumosity, Cognifit Brain Fitness, Circles and the rest of them. You can download these mind games unto your mobile phone; iOS or Android, you are good to go.

Staying at home right now is very crucial to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As you all know that self-isolation isn’t always as fun as having all the freedom to move around, deciding to stay at home while keeping yourself engaged will be the priceless decision you can make now. The aforementioned gadgets are what you need to keep yourself isolated against Covid-19.

If you require any additional information on these products or any other MyMemory product, please do get in touch.

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