Steve Jobs Dead, Apple Co-founder – Tribute

Steve jobs is dead! That was the latest information from the family of the one time chief executive officer of Apple, the modern technology giant. Yesterday, the new broke that Steve Jobs gave up the ghost due to some illness, which is believed to be Cancer. After the announcement of his passing away, millions of people all over the world has been searching the internet to confirm if the information is true or if it is not.

Steve, in his early life, was the brain behind Macintosh computer and all Apple’s products. He is an innovative and powerful thinker. A master when it comes to staying on top of the world by protecting his company. He can do anything to make sure that his company, Apple does not slip in product launching and backing up.

Immediately after his family officially announced his death, the Apple’s team changed the homepage of their site which is They show the sign of respect for the man who believes that nothing is impossible if you know what you are doing.

Earlier today, the article on Steve job was published here on techatlast about his life and death. In the article are details of his lifestyle – how he relates with people, how innovative he’s and some other things.

On Apple’s website, after clicking n Steve’s image, you will be sent to a place where you can sign your own commemoration with the man. If you wanted to do that as well, you can follow the instruction below:

“If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

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