How to Make Post Sticky in WordPress Blog

How to Make Sticky Post in WordPress Blog

If you have been blogging for a while now, you will notice that there might be a situation where you have an important article which you might like to share with your followers or readers for a particular period of time. That is certainly YES. I have experienced this before when I wrote an article about how to get awesome traffic to your blog on regular basis. That article, I wanted to share it with many people as far as I’m concerned then, so instead of writing it and forgetting it once and for all. I made it sticky in my wordpress blog, techatlast. So, the post became available for everyone who comes to the site and through the process, I was able to catch the attention of so many people who are really interested in reading such contents. Making your blog post sticky in most cases will help your blog become more powerful an interesting for users to visit.

Sticky post option gives people option to get the best of your content while also, you are still providing them more other contents. When you make a post sticky, it will make that post get more authority on your website page as many people will ready such article than all the generic articles on your website page.

So, how can I make my post sticky? I guest you said that? If yes, you are now seconds away from knowing how to make your blog post sticky (fixed to the homepage of your blog) without stress.

Follow the steps below to make your blog post sticky without wasting most of your time on doing something else which may not give you the actual result you are looking for.

How to Make Your Blog Post Sticky in WordPress

1. Login to your wordpresss website via the and then follow the next instruction below.

2. After the sign in process, your dashboard should look like this, check below:sticky post for wordpress

3. Then click the Post option at the left side of the screen like the image above.

4. You can then follow the next step shown in the second image below:

5. After that, you should now choose the second option below to make the post sticky:

6. Click on Quick Edit, then follow the next step which is shown below:

7. You can the click on Update to enable the post to become sticked to the homepage.

8. Or else, you can also use the posting dashboard option to enable sticky in your post by choosing this option from the new post area of the wordpress blog. Use the image below to change your post to sticky from your new post segment without stress.

how to make sticky post in wordpress blogAfter that, save or publish the post and you will see the article that will look like the image below:

techatlast sticky post sampleThanks for reading this article, do you love this article? Share your comment to let me know what you think about it. Thanks

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