Stock Photography SEO: Noobs Guide To Excellent Website Optimization

Ok let’s accept the truth that optimizing a stock photography website is a bit difficult since the standard tactics link exchange and the other so-called submission things does not work here. And the most difficult part of this job is certainly the unavailability of content. So, as the thing stands, you need to take a completely different approach to give a shot in the arm in your stock photography website’s online presence. There are still some techniques available and they are Different as opposed to Difficult. All you need to do is to excel in them and there you go.

Here we have compiled a list of Stock Photography website optimization techniques that you can give a try if you wish to make your stock photography stands out and gets its share of love from Google:

Stock Photography Website Optimization For Beginners By Professionals

Stock Photography Website Optimization
Stock Photography Website Optimization

 Try The Basic

Images based sites no different from general websites. They also need the same level of attention from your side. Do a thorough check of your website and run Xenu to figure out whether the website contains any 404 error or redirection goof-ups. Once you are done with them, you can go straight to find out whether the website contains any duplicate meta data. Make sure you are not doing any sneaky things to get to the top of search engine ranking like adding keywords against small images or like using background color text etc. It will invite penalty of Google for sure.

Do It Like A Dude

Yah, be a good boy and use keywords sensibly site wide. Alt tags should reflect the nature of the images and you should not focus too much on keywords rather think about the users and then create alt tags that reflect it. Use simple and easy to understand texts as alt tags. You can use Title tag element with the images if you feel that the alt tags elements are not enough to represent what the images are all about.

Give the images a nice name. The images should not have a name like – photo-123.jpg. This does not look good and does not give any headway what the image is all about it. You can make it a bit specific by using the name like this – wild-animals-in-zoo.jpg. This looks really good and makes it easier to for users to have an idea of what the images are all about.

Caption and Wrap text

If your stock photography is really low on content, you can use warp text and image caption to give search engine more information about what the image is all about and please for God’s sake do not spam this section. Describe what the image is all about and be creative while doing so. Caption should be short and sweet. Be imaginative while doing so but feet should stick to the ground.

Image sitemap

Image sitemap is the most powerful option to make the search engine aware that you want your website’s images get indexed and rank high in image search. Once the image sitemap is ready, you need to submit that thing in Google via Google webmaster tools and there you go. Below is the suggested format for Image sitemap –

<!–?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<urlset xmlns=”″











Have a blog for promoting your image

As there is not enough scope to add content in image pages, you can create a blog and then publish beautiful articles reflecting the latest trends etc in it. It will keep your website fresh. Make sure the articles are of high quality and always fear panda and you will be good.

With all these points are my noobs guide to Stock Photography website optimization tips for beginners. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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  1. sailal Avatar

    nice article bro i have one dough for blog post we should make images or we should search on google whic is good ??

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hey Sailal,

      Thank you Bai for coming around to check up the article. I’m glad you like it.

  2. Dana Bertoncin Avatar
    Dana Bertoncin

    Wow, stock photography SEO is the best thing for this age.

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