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3 Striking Features That Attracts Mobile Users

People always look for fresh and new features as well as hot applications in mobiles. There are plenty of user-friendly applications and features in mobiles that are available to the end users. Mobile phones are constantly changing its features rapidly and developing for a better smartphones according to the trend. As there is huge demand of mobile phones, the UK mobile market sees plenty of new mobile releases. Attractive gifts, deals, offers with mobile phones are one of the eye-catching schemes present now in the market. All the UK major mobile network providers offer such kinds of offers to increase their revenue and market presence.

striking features to look out for before buying smartphone
striking features

Striking Features for Buying Mobile Devices

Let discuss about the innovative features of mobile phones that enhance your mobile usage capability.


MMS is the latest trend of service in mobile phones. It allows mobile users to send pictures, photos, videos, text and programs to their loved ones. Though the rates are little bit higher compared to SMS, it opens a new way of communication at your fingertips. You can even send messages from phone to email and vice versa; store and edit pictures. Some mobile phones that support MMS come with an inbuilt camera. So it makes people to click and send pictures to another MMS mobile users. There are plenty of sites that allow you download free pictures, if you don’t have inbuilt camera in mobile. Depending upon the phone model, you may get messages either in text or graphics. It is easy to download MP3 music, games and videos from your MMS enabled mobiles. To get enjoyed from this type of service, you just need to have an MMS enabled mobiles with a premium subscription to a service provider.

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Smart Phones

The most advanced step in the growth of mobile phones is PDA-enabled mobiles, now it is commonly known as smart phones. If you once look at any one of the smartphones, you can do a lot of things as you do in PC and more. The smartphones come up with Internet capabilities, email support, documents, voice recognition capabilities, show presentations, songs, games, video calls, photos, MP3 ringtone or music player, larger screens, videos, SMS, digital organiser and the list goes on. You can install third party applications too. The hardware specifications is much higher in mobiles rather than PCs or laptops.

GPRS/WAP Functionality

You can enjoy a wireless connection to internet and have easy access to your favorite websites, applications and music services with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled mobiles. In order to enjoy you just need to buy a GPRS/WAP enabled gadget and get activation from the service provider, like avaya. However, you need to look for the right company when it comes to this aspect because finding the right provider will go along way in helping you enjoy your mobile device features. In an emergency case it will help to check some important mails or messages or access a site. Connect the computer with GPRS enabled mobile through a data cable and browse internet from laptops or computers easily. With GPRS you can download games, videos, ring tones, MP3 tones, wallpapers, animations, emails and many more.


Mobiles are not only communication tools, but also a powerful device for both personal and business applications. These amazing features changed consumer behaviour a lot and led to the growth of mobile sales with increasing demands. Always people opt the better than the best and accordingly there is huge boom to mobile market.

Thanks to the advanced features of mobile and service providers, who run this mobile network smoothly. One thing to conclude that “The mobile technology placed the entire world in your fingertips”!. Right.

What do you think about these striking features? Please share your views in the comment.

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