StumbleUpon Got New Design with New Button

The popular social networking site, StumbleUpon has undergone a redesign for its platform for better user experience.  The new design is quite interesting and impressive to me and even on the internet, there are many people there that were sharing their good news of the new design. I know if you see it, you are going to fall for it as well because of its stumbleupon design new design test page

Stumble Upon new design offers you a simple to use platform like that of Facebook and Google+ pages because its outlook is well laid out. However,  few days ago, we reported here that Twitter just got another design and likewise, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook and Google also got new one, Youtube and Gmail wasn’t left behind as well and it means that all the big players are now planning new thing for the new year to come by lashing out new and easy to use layout that will make it easier for users to connect more and share more.

Below are an example of the features you are going to enjoy with the new stumble upon design:

Grid View Option: You can view your likes in Grid mode without hassle while you can as well use list stumbleupon design grid

List View Option: List view lets you see suggestions and the pages or contents you likes in list like that of Facebook profile stumbleupon design list view

Well Laid Suggestions: This is a perfect place for you to get a suggestion of people or business you can follow on the site just like what Google+ is doing on its platform and likewise, stumbleupon design home page

Simple Discover Button Above the Page: Now you don’t have to see discover button on the top left side of the page because it has now been moved to the right hand side of the page with a nice look beside the profile option.

In the meantime, the official StumbleUpon sharing button have been changed to the new image that now has a red-coloured design instead of the old one which is green and mixture of white in colour. However, the new design, though, red also has the same look like the older version except for the Su where the S is too big than the U when compared to the old one.

Do you like the new design? Let’s hear what you have to say about it below.

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