Surprises of Windows 8 – What to Expect

Windows 8 is just about a year away. Excited? You have plenty of reasons to be, because while Windows 7 brought its fair share of improvements and extra features, Windows 8 promises to top it. That may seem difficult to do, especially considering how many new features Windows 7 brought to the table, but once you take a look at what features may be planned for Windows 8, you’ll see that it’s not really that difficult.

Remember, no official announcements that state exactly what features the new OS will have, have been released, so this is simply based on screenshots and rumors floating around online. None of these have been confirmed, but it’s nice to at least know what features to expect in Windows 8.

Everyone has heard of the ISO mounting feature. This is the first one that rumors started flying about, and with good reason. Gone will be the days when third party software needed to be installed for users to be able to write or mount disc images. Windows 8 will allow users to do this directly without having to install anything. Some find this to be excellent news, but others fail to see the significance. Regardless, Microsoft knows there is a certain segment of its users that would greatly appreciate this feature and is going to great lengths to make it work as it should, before launching Windows 8.

What’s next? How about a system reset button? What does it do? It removes the need to reinstall your OS every couple of months or so, due to computer viruses, software deletion, or anything else. This small option restores your Windows settings and removes any other programs you installed. User accounts and files can be saved, if you wish, but anything other than that will be deleted. It will be as any fresh Windows installation, only it will take less time. It is still unknown if drivers will have to be reinstalled as well, but system administrators everywhere will certainly find this feature appealing. Not to mention how much time they will save!

User interface and other visual tweaks are bound to make an appearance as well. Microsoft has gotten us used to different looking operating systems and they won’t disappoint now either. It’s still not sure how much more computer power the new Windows will require, but it’s very likely that a computer capable of running Windows 7 satisfactory will also be able to run Windows 8 with all effects enabled.

Most of you probably already know the Apple App Store. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows it well, and Microsoft knows it well too. In fact, they know exactly how much money the App Store is making for Apple, and they’re trying to match this. You shouldn’t be surprised to see the Windows App Store make its appearance into Windows 8! It’s still unknown how many software developers will choose to use the App Store rather than sell their own applications. In time, we’re sure this will grow, but it may never reach the number of apps the Apple App Store has. We shouldn’t rush to any conclusions though! Let’s just wait to see how it goes and if Microsoft knows what it’s doing or not!

These are only a few of the features Windows 8 may have on release. Of course, some or all of them may not be available on release date, but they may be released later, with a Service Pack. Regardless, there are high chances that all of these features will eventually make way onto your computer! Check back for more information regularly.

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