Tablets vs iPads: let’s be honest and answer these three questions

Tablets were on the market for decades before their popularity exploded. What was the reason? Apple, of course. When Apple unveiled the iPad it changed the way we use the internet, the way we shop online and our behaviours as users too. It also meant that it was only a matter of time before a rival would surface, and shortly after its release, Google created the operating system Android.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s more difficult than ever to decide between the iPad and the Android tablet. If you’d like some help in choosing your next tech purchase, then all you need to do is ask yourself these three questions:

Tablets Vs iPads: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing

Tablets Vs iPads
Right now, it’s more difficult than ever to decide between the iPad and the Android tablet.

1. What do you use now?

Let’s not forget that the best feature about both of these products is that they were designed to work like large smartphones, in the sense that they have the same operating system and physical usability as their phone equivalents. If you’re wondering which way to go, then it’s worth considering what type of smartphone you already use, and therefore what operating system you’re used to.

Not only will it make the actual use of the product feel like second nature as soon as you open the box, but if there are any files you want to transfer across, iPads are brilliant for syncing with other Apple products, whereas not all Android phones are the same manufacturer, brand and so on.

Tablets vs iPads
Tablets vs iPads: Let’s be honest and answer these three questions before you can choose rightly.

2. What will you use if for?

Another way to help you decide which to opt for is to consider the purpose of your buy. If you just wanted the latest bit of tech, then Apple creates the products which are the sleekest, most sophisticated and most powerful on the market. Or will you be using it for work? iPads may have a better selection of apps for business, but it’s worth checking whether there are any specific ones only available to the Android market.

Does it need to be portable computing? Again, iPads often provide the operating system that will have more power behind it, but the battery life on Android models has proved to be greater with better energy efficiency, so this is perfect for people on the go.

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 3. How easy are they to repair?

Let’s be honest, it’s fair to assume that you may at some point need some technical support for your tablet or iPad, and when you do, do you know where to take it, how much they charge and so on? There are many apple repair store locations for example, and a lot of them are not expensive and provide everything from data transfers to cracked screens.

It’s worth investing some time looking for where the Android equivalents are, what types of prices and services they offer, and weigh this against the cost of the item. Forums are always a good place for advice and honest answers on this.

How did you answer our three questions to choosing between tablets vs iPads?

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