Tacit Blind – Glove Gives Blind People Hope by Navigating Using Sonar

Have you ever live around someone who’s blind? If yes, you can imagine how life will be for people that are unable to see things clearly. Blind People do suffer a lot! But, if there’s a gadget in place which those people can be using to make them see things better, you know that they will certainly love to have such a gadget.

Project Tacit: Sonar For The Blind from Grathio Labs on Vimeo.

Tacit is a sonar-enabled glove that signals the proximity of any nearby objects to the person who wears it using the touch feedback. This glove lets visually impaired people to navigate and move from one place to another within a complex environments with relative ease. Tacit was designed by a San Francisco-based inventor Steve Hoefer from Grathio Labs.com. Designs of the glove are available through Creative Commons license.


This gadget is in different form, there is one that you can fix to your head and there’s another one which you can just tie to your hand and you are ready to go and in case if the person is not you.tacit blind haptic glove sm


“This is a project I’m calling Tacit. No, I didn’t bother making an awkward backronym for it, it just seemed like an appropriate name that’s a lot shorter (though less descriptive) than “Hand-Mounted Haptic Feedback Sonar Obstacle Avoidance Asstance Device”. It measures the distance to things and translates that into pressure on the wrist.”

The headband is cool and interesting but there is one disadvantage which I have experienced with this tacit blind of a thing is that: The vibrating motors stuck on your skull can drive you insane quickly if you are not very much familiar with this tool.

I love tacit and I would recommend it for my people to recommend it as well for people who are in need of something of this nature. Especially the blind peoples that were unable to see everything that is going in around them.

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