Free Television Still Dominant Force Across Africa

Broadcasters to Take Centre Stage at DISCOP JOBURG. Over 120 free-to-air television stations, including public broadcasters from 15 African countries, are expected to take part in the next Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP film, television, and digital content market and co-production forum that kicks off from 20th November for three days of intense networking and deal building. […]

Zambian president pledges to dissolve KCM

Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, on Tuesday, pledged to dissolve KCM, the country’s largest copper producer, in a deepening dispute with foreign mining companies over tax and employment. KCM is owned by London-based Vedanta Resources, with the state-owned ZCCM-IH as a minority shareholder. Lungu has targeted the mining sector to generate tax revenue as Zambia struggles […]

Free Trade Zone: Africa Goes Tough on Tariffs, Starts Free-Trade Pact

Africa, to a great extent overlooked in a United States-China exchange war which could frustrate economies around the world, is unobtrusively sorting out the world’s biggest facilitated free trade zone. The African continental free trade area comes into power on paper yesterday after the required 22 nations approved the arrangement a month prior. When it […]

Africa’s Tech Adoption – 8 Influencers of Africa’s Budding Technology Market

In the time of technological advancements and disruptions shaping how our world operates, Africa’s tech adoption has always been a concern for investors. But recently, the storyline is gradually changing, we are now having a new narrative regarding Africa’s tech involvement. Africa has been riddled with poverty, war, and diseases and this has had adverse […]

Top African entrepreneurs that will stand the test of time 

The recent growth of Africa’s economy is recognized globally as a major success story. Nigeria in particular stands out and is predicted by many expert commentators to become one of the 15 largest economies in the world by the year 2050, part of the MINT group along with Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey. Key to this dramatic […]

Guess Moto E was made for African consumers

Moto E is cheap, but it looks fancier than most high-priced smartphones out there Buying high end phones lately has never been easier if we look way-back to how it was few years ago. As an African, it is not that easy to order and get smartphones of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series pedigree between the […]

MobileHackAF – Africa’s 1st Mobile Applications Hackathon To Start Soon

Each and everyday, new mobile applications are developed for user consumption purpose. Many application are designed to make our mobile phones functions properly. Some applications are mainly developed for the purpose of adding additional features to our mobile phones like google android, iPhone and others.