10 Reasons to Choose Android App Development Over Other Platforms

With increasing popularity and utilization of Android apps, the global mobility market is now looking forward to considering the next-level participation of Android app development in the industry’s core services. It is expected that the industry may reach $140 billion of annual revenue by the end of this year. Android app development has gained a […]

Why Google Needs To Leverage Motorola in Android

It was an acquisition that stood to change the smartphone world, but to date it hasn’t made much impact. Nearly two years ago Google agreed acquire Motorola Mobility, giving the primary developer of Android a handset division to go with it. The possibilities were, and still are, endless. Yet it seems as though nothing has […]

Top Android Tablets in 2012 – Must Haves

Android tablets have become the in vogue that is governing the market of tablets. Each day, the manufactures are coming up with new competitive, compact, innovative and improved tablets. A very sound competition exists in the market and thus giving growth opportunities to all kinds of tablets – cheap tablets and powerful tablets of various […]

5 Reasons Why Android Beats the Apple’s Latest iPhone 5

Why Android beats iPhone 5 As it is known to almost everybody, android is a mobile device that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.  Through this devise, different smart phones are being developed. If you haven’t known, apple has released their new iPhone 5 phone model. Even though they have modified it by adding better […]

LG Optimus Vu Review

The LG Optimus Vu was displayed at the MWC in February and caused some ripples within the mobile phone world due to its unique dimensions — people were arguing whether it is actually a phone or a tablet. Potentially challenging the similar Samsung Galaxy Note, we decided to take a closer look at the device […]

Small but Ample Computer Cellular Phone – the Android

Android Performs Functions of a Computer Understandably well that the latest mobile gadgets of today are working like computers. They function as computers so it is very wrong to say that they function “like” computers because they are computers in themselves. What used to be the ambit of desktop computers has now become the laptop’s world. […]

Chrome for Android Phones and Tablets

The most awaited moment has come for Android users. Google Chrome the most favourite browsers of the users which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux now will be available for Android too. Google Chrome Browser for Androids Google has launched the Chrome browser Beta for Android and is available on the Android Market. This browser will […]

Android on Windows Mobile

The company started its mobile phone manufacturing with windows mobile OS. Many of the HTC windows mobile phones were loved by the users and they expected more from it. Well, the users wanted to boot Android in the phone and so do I. It is possible to boot Android in your windows mobile. Lets see […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini & Mini Pro – Ultra-compact design, great features

Sony Ericsson released two ultra-compact phones; Xperia Mini & Mini Pro. It is a mere successor of the X10 Mini series. Despite its small size, it holds outstanding features in it. Unlike the predecessor it has a larger 3″ screen and better HVGA resolution which is good enough to show clear graphics and details. It is also […]