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  • 10 Most Hilarious & Funny Android Apps for Android Users 

    Android is one of the popular mobile operating system from Google. Currently lot of funny android apps available on android market. But you don’t know about some most funniest android apps. I don’t like it that you are missing this funniest apps, So I am going to show you the top best funny android apps. Little […]

  • Google Music rolls out of beta, adds Android music store

    Google has unveiled its much-anticipated digital music storing store on Wednesday, stepping up the competition against its rivals, Amazon and Apple. The new service, Google Music features millions of songs from several record labels EMI, Universal, Sony Music  and several other smaller labels, but it doesn’t have access to Warner Music Group’s catalog yet. The reason behind […]

  • HTC Zeta, Another Quad-Core Android Smartphone Coming Soon

    We’ve recently wrote an article on the HTC Edge, the phone which many believes to be the first quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone that runs on the advanced Android OS. It is no more doubt that when people mentions a smartphone that has a quad-core processor that you won’t be happy to see such a phone. […]

  • Twitter-enhanced Firefox 8 officially available, Android version updated

    Though, there was a slight mistakes on the side of those who are watching FTP servers of Mozilla when the new release of the software was unexpectedly leaked to the internet. This lead many people to start downloading the copy of the browser via the internet hotlink even when it remains about some hours for […]

  • Android vs iPhone – What Will It Take for Android to Beat iPhone?

    The Android vs iPhone War? Since its release, the iPhone has been the leader of the smartphone world. Blackberry is a thing of the past, whose name is spoken only in hushed whispers by an embarrassed few devoted followers. Yet, in the past year and a half, the Google Android smartphones have been gaining ground. […]

  • Google Enables Voice Actions Commands for Android Devices

    Google Voice actions commands which is mostly know as google android device that lets people send and receive sms and also for direction and map tracing is now opened for public to start using it. The new version that was recently released has many advanced features like multiple languages integration and some others. You can use […]

  • How to Receive Android Phone Call Alerts On Your Computer Screen

    If you’re a kind of person that hates disturbance from your mobile phone when browsing, writing or chatting with your friends on your favorite social networking sites, then this post is written mainly because of you but that depends on the type of operating system that your mobile phone is on. Android users will find […]

  • Microsoft Make More Money From Android Phone Than Windows Mobile Phone

    The report from The Citi analyst Walter Pritchard informs the public from his research that, it shows that Microsoft Inc. may be making more money from the Google’ Android based operating system phone than from the Microsoft’s own model (Windows mobile platform based operating system). Pritchard continues that Microsoft makes five times of what they’re […]