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  • 3 Helpful Alternatives to Apple Maps You Can’t Afford Not To Use

    3 Helpful Alternatives to Apple Maps You Can’t Afford Not To Use

    If you’re an iPhone user, it’s likely that you routinely use Apple Maps as a navigation tool. For many people, however, new updates to Apple Maps have made the app less user friendly, leaving many searching for helpful Apple Maps alternatives. Whether you’re taking a road trip to ThriveMD for a procedure or just need […]

  • Apple’s facial recognition could unlock the device even when wearing a mask

    As the pandemic presses on, wearing a face mask has become a way of life. We are no longer able to enter supermarkets and transport without wearing one. For a whole year now, the pandemic has changed life as we once knew it, and so, new developments have to be made to help overcome these […]

  • Mac Task Manager: Why is Task Manager for Mac Important?

    All Apple computers come with the Mac task manager utility (Activity Monitor). Task manager is provided to help you track the performance of your computer programs. On the PC, there’s the Windows default task manager, which allows you to get behind the scenes on your computer. If you’ve grown up using a PC, then you’re probably […]

  • How to Import Apple Mail To Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

    In the following section, we are aiming to discuss the Apple Mail and also the Outlook application. Due to the multiple queries encountered relating to the Import Apple Mail to Outlook. Few of such queries are: “I was using Macintosh previously, Just shifted to Windows. I need to access all my user account information on […]

  • How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your iPhone: 23 Free Tips

    Every year, when announcing a new version of their operating system for mobile devices, Apple reports a significant increase in energy efficiency. Interestingly, but users do not really feel these improvements. Honestly, it is not always the fault of the manufacturer and developer of the software, but the owners of smartphones and tablets. Most of […]

  • Chinese buyout: Canyon Bridge to save imagination studios

    Imagination studios put itself on sale in June 2016 after a very bizarre feud with Silicon Valley mega corporation, Apple. The UK based company had found themselves in unsavoury waters after Apple had announced that it would stop using Imagination studios graphics technology. Apple, in a statement say they now needed new and differentiating IP […]

  • Apple iOS 10 Issues: 10 Most Common Problems with iOS 10 and How to Fix Them

    It’s been a few days since Apple released iOS 10, but we’ve already received some reports of issues that users are facing with the latest firmware. Even after eight beta iterations, the firmware is still plagued with problems ranging from soft brick to Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity problems. To help you get the most out […]

  • Ensure your iPhone 7 Security With These Guidelines

    iPhone 7 with iOS 10 released last month and is up for grabs in markets. Apple is known for its strong security of the devices and robust designs. But, like many the security issues with iPhone 7 are inevitable. Although Apple keeps on rolling out security updates; you have to take security measures in your […]

  • Wearables You Could Buy This Christmas Season

    You’re looking for something to give out for Christmas to someone who can’t get enough of technology? Chances are that he or she is thinking about wearables this year since these new products have been all the talk at the different tech shows around the world. As the month of December starts, wearables will be […]

  • Siri & Google Now: Vulnerabilities Hackers are Exploiting

    Admit it. Siri is great if you don’t have a free hand to send a text or you need a quick answer to the question, “What is the capital of Vermont?” And with every new update to iOS, Apple continues to refine and expand Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities, in turn giving users a whole new set […]